Chong-X has been on my moombah radar for a few months now ever since his awesome Moombahcore edits came out.

Here he is now, more in Moombah X (experimental) mode with his EP. It’s certainly interesting to listen to and at least he is trying something fresh and different and so big respect on that front.

I’m really feeling it, kinda reminds me of South African artist, Felix Laband, but on a Moombah tip.  The new wave of Moombahton fans maybe ain’t gonna get this but maybe they will once they return from their Moombah honeymoon.


Toritos EP by chong-x


  1. have been enjoying this for a  few days now and hear you on the Felix
    Laband reference, it has that kind of rare depth. Refreshing to hear
    something Moombahesque that isn’t just Pavlovian dancefloor tackle with a very short ‘sell-by date’

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