Starfoxxx just re-invented himself under an alias STLKRFXXX and released this Moombah X (Expeimental) EP, which I’m totally loving.

Here’s what he says:

The latest experiment on Moombahton. Took some heavy drag witch house sounds and took it to 108bpm and had it ride some Reggaeton and moombah beats. Mixed in the distorted semi lo fidelity of Witch House as well. A lot of dark droning vocals. Only listen if you are mentally stable. This shit makes me look over my shoulders constantly when I got my headphones on. Munchi already disproved of this with a frowny face emoticon.

I LUV IT, more pls Sir:

KAROLINA EP by starfoxxxchicago


I honestly have not played an EP on constant repeat for a while …this shiiit gets deep into your mind and ferments there and refuses to leave….it’s dark, dangerous, claustrophobic, moody, melancholic but sensual at the same time…it’s PSYCHOTIC…Now I really feel like stalking someone with this as my soundtrack…..:-)

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