We knew everything we needed to know when we were babies. I stand by this. Nothing was ugly or hated. Everything was interesting and exciting. We looked around with our eyes and everything we saw was amazing. This is all we needed to know. As we got older morals, opinions on the way things are supposed to be, bias, and roles were imposed on us from the last generation of babies whom were also brought into the world the same way and so on and so on. When this happens we not only develop pride but we also put value or maybe a better word, worth, on things. Then someone comes out with a new sound based on old ideas and a large number of people talk down on it while others see it as the new amazing thing with potential to inspire more new amazing things. I try to choose to look to the world like through the eyes of a baby. It’s just my opinion (I have these too) but I think if you do the same you’ll never get BORED. Here’s a quote from comedian Louis C.K. whom for which was some of the inspiration for this opening paragraph.

“‘I’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Even the inside of your own mind is endless, it goes on forever, inwardly, do you understand? The fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say ‘I’m bored.’” ~Louis C.K.

And so this brings us to my point for this week’s blog post. The theme is (and honestly always is) new ideas based on old that may inspire even newer ideas.

I wish to start with a couple of friends down in Mendoza, Argentina, DJ Pika Mza and DJ Emma Mza. I’ve posted their stuff here before finding tracks that fit into past themes, but I’ve wanted to find a theme to express better what they are doing. They are creating tracks they rightfully choose to label as fidget-cumbiahton. Together both the age of 19, they are making a movement. Pika and Emma frequently contact me on FaceBook. Every time they have something new about to be released they excitedly make sure I hear it. I honestly love this and hope they never stop. Both are very friendly intelligent producers and I know that they will become very big soon.

The link to their personal site is which also links to their respected SoundCloud accounts is http://www.wix.com/djpikaa/djemma. Here I will share with you Pika’s latest production. In my opinion it is the best remix of Hello.


Not wanting to fill up too much space here I’ll just write the link to Pika’s fidget-cumbiahton set which I implore you to check out.


Into the future yet into the past, Noia brings to the blog an interesting choice for a remix. Do you remember Joe Meek? No? Well that’s okay because he originally recorded his song Orbit Around The Moon in 1959. Noia brings us an awesome to say the least, cumbia remix of that said song. When I first heard this I knew I had to share it here. I almost went the route of writing a space theme for this week.


God I love that! I dare you to look up Joe Meek’s original to see what Noia did to bring it into the nu cumbia universe.

Cybernetiko is the perfect name for this next producer. He’s new on the scene and I’m fortunate to have heard his work. It is definitely a futuristic sound for cumbia. I really hope to hear more from him soon.


Now that we’re thinking spacey thoughts it would be perfectly wise of me to share Cumbia Comsonauts. This track is old but it’s such a great video. Perfect for their sound.

Cumbia Cosmonauts – Cumbia Incoming VJ clip from Tobi Armbruster on Vimeo.

The boys in Australia released their new ep last Friday the 19th. Expect more from them here soon. This is just a taste for those who haven’t experienced them yet and a reminder for those who have.

I won’t leave you without more information. Go here and like them, and then indulge. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cumbia-Cosmonauts/288311315695?ref=ts&sk=app_131686150237656

Elebleu from Mexico City brought a remix that I’ll admit isn’t quite cumbia but just close enough that I feel I can share it and I love it a lot.


Another one that isn’t quite cumbia but I really loved and was shared in my Nu Cumbia Experience FaceBook group comes from Kinky Electric Noise. Champeta is more fitting and I enjoy champeta. I want to use this week’s blog to bring it more attention. Attention is what I feel it deserves.


Onto the remixes I promised to include weekly. Intiche remixed a song I’ve never heard remixed before. It hit me hard. Another not quite cumbia but close enough so I got excited to share it, Jumping Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones. Almost 3 Ball don’t you think?


But (yes I started this sentence and paragraph with “but”) the remix that hit me the most is from El Gran Pirujo. If you don’t hear the cumbia in it then I’ll fight you!


Last is my favorite. It got a lot of attention and it won’t hurt to give it some more. It NEEDS to be here too! Dengue Dengue Dengue is always on.


That wraps it up. Remember to try to look at all things like through the eyes of a baby. Who could be bothered or bored like this?


  1. el cybernekito…te saluda…jajaja thank you very much for the mention. ill send the next track once i have it done peace and blessings.

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