Impossible to be objective on this release of Urban World Recrods, so many fiends in here .

Los Chicos Altos ,Maxey Blaze and  T-Bird , are 2 common suspects in Barcelona’s nights. Los Chicos Altos, the tall men in english , are really tall ha ha.

Their debut EP on UrbanWorld Records is something they describe as a Trans-Atlantic, Euro-merican blend, uniquely incorporating Afro-Peruvian music, Cumbia and Chillout.

The EP’s title track, “Pa’lante” uses African percussion & polyrhythms originally brought to the Americas with the black slaves and combines it with Flamenco from the Spanish colonizers, while “Un Día Soleado” is a Peruvian Cumbia. “Zamba Malató, Landó” is a chill tune for sunny days in the hammock and “Toro Mata” is a bonus bootleg track which is not part of the original EP.

The lyrics for “Pa’lante” and “Zamba Malató, Landó” are from Nicomedes Santa Cruz an important person in Afro-Peruvian music, who popularized it in the 1950s. Los Chicos Altos get help from the talented artists Jaime Negro and Claudia Naranjo Pantoja (members of the South-American group Paloq’sea,) Jose Rodriguez, Dani Txarnegö and Pau Baiges (musicians from Spain.) The first track, ¨Pa’lante” get the remix treatment from three different camps; Thykier, with his dirty version, Empresarios with a cumbia and finally, Andyloop & Toti Arimany get funky with it. “Un Día Soleado” gets flipped in a moombahton style by Sweden’s Akai One.

Massive sunny happy vibes from Barcelona .

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”225″ params=”” url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1009513″]

Get the bonus track Toro Mata here

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”secret_url=true” url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/19411945?secret_token=s-dIskZ”]




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