My friend from China, Mobidextrous, just let loose on this gorgeous Transnational Luvstep number featuring Miss Melody!

Sui [Jaromes Hutong Remix] by mobidextrous

Sui is a track we wrote almost a year ago. This is the final version and we’re giving it away here before we get serious with a self-release. We’ve enlisted Movie Director Robert Douglas to work on the Music Video which will be ready around October time.

Massive big ups to Jarome at ProSoul in Beijing for turning a rough bit of quartz into a diamond.

Cheng Shu Duo Nian – Having been asleep for many years
Qing Xing Shun Jian – All of a sudden I wake up
Huan Mie Yi Qian – Before the dream is over
Xuan Li Yong Yuan – I thought the colorful world could last forever
Ni Wo Zhi Jian – Between you and me
Huan Jue – There’s just a delusion
Zong Shi Duo Nian – Even though its been many years
Po Mie – When it’s broken, it’s broken
Wo De Tai Yang – My Sun
Man Tian Xin Guang – There were many stars in the sky
Mei You Xin Guang – For me there was no star
Wo De Tai Yang – My Sun
Mei You Xing Guang – There was no star in my sky
Man Tian Xin Guang – But now there are many stars

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