Since the last update, I’ve been getting a lot of mail from FOOTWORK producers and deejays across the globae asking for a new update, so yeah, we aim to please πŸ™‚ here’s another selection of new jams in the FOOTWORK or JUKE or related genres, enjoy and support the producers peeps!

We kick this of with JIM KIRK aka JIKAY, who’s dropping some solid bangers on his soundcloud. No downloads, but Jim, if you read this, open that shit up homie!
JiKay & Teen Carnage – B.L.A.D.C.L.A.T by JiKay

and another one he calls SKELETON HOUSE, but which is really some old school ghetto tech/JUKE shizz that goes off like a bomb:
JiKay & Teen Carnage – Shake It by JiKay

Up next we have some CHI TOWN goodness, coming to us via PRAGUE? Fresh from his collaboration with Dryman Sound on Meanbucket, Czech Dubstep pioneer Side9000 turns in his first solo release for the Meanbucket label. It demonstrates a new found love for Chicago’s hottest export since Deep Pan Pizza and a long term love affair with vintage hardware, all wrapped up in the shape of a three track EP of straight up premium quality Juke/Footwork goodness… check the preview:
Side9000 – Homework EP by meanbucket

and then grab the special FREEBIE that these guys are giving away, one jam of the EP:
SIDE9000 – SPEAKER (mediafire link)

The MOVELT guys just uploaded this jam, which I already have in my folder but is still bangin hot!

and from the same crew this cool BIG DOPE P jam:

And here’s one hell of a mix by Planet Mu’s head honcho MIKE PARADINAS, great tracklist, great mix, grab it:
01 DJ Diamond – Pop The Trunk (Planet Mu)
02 DJ Rashad – 10 On The Cush (Planet Mu)
03 Rashad & Gant-Man – Heaven Sent (Planet Mu)
04 Traxman – The Robot (Planet Mu)
05 DJ Roc – It Takes Grinding To Be A King (Planet Mu)
06 DJ T-Why – Back 2 This Track (Unreleased)
07 Traxman – Lik Pussy (Ghettophiles)
08 DJ Diamond – Rep Yo Clique (Remix) (Planet Mu)
09 DJ Diamond – Uh (Planet Mu)
10 DJ Earl – Hit Da Bootz (Planet Mu)
11 DJ Metro – Tekno Bangz (Planet Mu)
12 DJ Diamond – Speakerz β€˜n’ Tonguez (Planet Mu)
13 DJ Diamond – Wreckage (Planet Mu)
14 Philip D Kick – Champion Sound Remix (Footwork Jungle)
15 Africa Hitech – Out In The Street (Warp)
16 Philip D Kick – Renegade Snares Remix (Footwork Jungle)
17 Machinedrum – New Forms Remix (Ecstasy Boom)
18 DJ Clent – Clent’s Knee Deep (Unreleased)
19 DJ T-Why – Finished (Planet Mu)
20 DJ Diamond – Torture Rack (Planet Mu)
21 DJ Roc – Baby Come On 2 (Unreleased)
22 DJ Roc – Baby Come On 1 (Unreleased)
23 DJ Umberto – I Got Bangz (Unreleased)
24 DJ Diamond – Snare Fanfare (Planet Mu)
25 DJ Diamond – Rep Yo Clique (Planet Mu)
26 Young Smoke – Psycho War (Planet Mu)
27 DJ Spinn – Crazy β€˜n’ Deranged (Planet Mu)
28 DJ Clent – DJ Clent #1 (Planet Mu)
29 DJ Rashad & DJ Rome – Dat Shit Huff (Planet Mu)
30 DJ T-Why – Juice (Planet Mu)
31 Traxman – Brainwash (Planet Mu)
32 DJ Rome – Showtime (Planet Mu)
33 Tha Pope – When You (Planet Mu)
34 DJ Metro – Smak My Bitch Up (Planet Mu)
35 Tha Pope – Out Of My Mind (Unreleased)
36 Tha Pope – Get Down Or Lay Down (Unreleased)
37 Tha Pope – Pop That Thang (Unreleased)
38 DJ Diamond – Decoded (Planet Mu)

going out with an old jam, still solid this though…:

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