Generation Bass Digi presents Moombah Volume 2  – SaBBo – DEEPATON

RELEASE DATE 19:09:2011

Man of many trades, blender of styles, and musical chameleon SaBBo is back! He’s been handing out free Moombahton tracks via his soundcloud for a couple of years now, but here’s his official drop.

The DEEPATON EP is four cuts of deep, soulful and sexy Moombahton deep.

Naughty samples galore in the cheeky titled “Rubbin’ They Tits” with a classic jacked up Lil’ Kim sample in the hook. The playful synth line and galloping snare enhance the after-hours feel this joint has.

The second killer track is “Touch Me”, a riddim joint which borders on Bashment, that partly grabs back to SaBBo?s other work as a dancehall producer. The riding snare and super nice conga percussion blend perfectly with the Moombah rhythm and the sweet girly voice asking you to “touch me” draws you directly into the warmth of the Moombahsoul.

The track “Stuxnet” sounds like SaBBo found a classic 808 drum machine which has been mysteriously updated to 2011 by the gods of Moombah. A stripped, bare track with emphasis on the rhythms that propel this to dancefloor fodder for any club that knows whats up.

Closing with “I’m Ready”, features Onili and with its lush vocals and bleepin’ synths is a textbook example of the deep direction people like David Heartbreak and SaBBo are taking the new genre in. The beats are aimed at lady legs, percussion to shake the backside and catchy vocal hooks to sing along too, this jam can’t go wrong in the clubs.

Generation Bass prides itself in being one of the strongholds of the Moombahton movement. Developing and giving way to young producers to take the genre into new directions from Goombaton & Gabbahton to Moombahsoul and everything in-between…

SaBBo delivers another killer release for Generation Bass, furthering the warm sounds of Moombahsoul in these 4 hot, blistering tracks!

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Deepaton mini-mix – SaBBo – Coming Soon on Generation Bass by djumb

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