Moombahton, Drag, Witch House = Brujaton ♥

When Starfoxxx sent me their Brujaton EP last week, I could never have quite predicted the impact it was going to have on me in the following days.

I have played it non-stop, I can’t stop playing it, it’s totally addictive and I’m totally into it.   I think I understand it!

What makes it even more interesting to me now, is finding out about the inspiration behind it, which partly explains how I became addicted to it.

It was all inspired by David stalking some girl all summer this year!

And when you listen, man you can hear it!!!

I honestly have not played an EP on constant repeat for a while.

This shit gets deep into your mind and ferments there and refuses to leave.

It’s dark, dangerous, claustrophobic, moody, melancholic but sensual at the same time, it’s PSYCHOTIC!

Now I really feel like stalking someone with this as my soundtrack…..:-)

Add to the EP, which you can still grab HERE, this new track:

L-vis 1990 – United Groove (STLKRFXXX BRUJATON REMIX) ….OUT SOMEWHERE by starfoxxxchicago

This is the  best version I ever heard of this track, even better than the original!

Now, I’m waiting for my Brujaton edit of Born Slippy too!

BRUJATON is my new ADDICTION – Music 4 a Lost Generation!

Stalking is a pre-requisite!

Recommended for all “PSYCHO’S” & “STALKERS” everywhere!

This is pure Psycho music!!!


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