Ok, this one goes out to the all the Ladies of MoombahToN!!!

Hats off to all the MoombahLadies making an inroad into this, pretty much, male dominated, scene.  It can’t be easy trying to make your mark amongst all that testosterone flying about but you’re all making your mark in more ways than one.  Long may it continue. I don’t think it will be long before one or more of the ladies starts to add their own innovation to this rapidly expanding & all conquering genre!

Dale Moombahton!

Apologies to anybody I missed, there’s always, Round 2 🙂

1. J Escobedo Shepeherd

2. Zuzuka

3. Maluca

4. Flore

5. Jessy Oh

6. ma-LESS

7. Danger Girl

8. Jahliet

9. Sarah Young

10. Vicious Viv

11. Sarah Battle

12. Nadia Oh

J Escobedo Shepherd

Quite apart from looking like a pretty female Dave Nada [and btw Dave Nada, u r pretty 🙂 ] this is Moombahton’s 1st Lady, period!

She is “the person” who put the phenomena of Moombahton on the internet worldwide back in March 2010.  Not only that, but she is a hugely talented music journalist to boot.

High praise to you Goddess Julianne!

Here’s where it all kicked off, please take some time to read this hugely important and crucial article & interview:

J Escobedo Shepherd : Birth of Moombahton


From the 1st Lady of Moombahton, period! to Generation Bass’ 1st Lady and the Princess of Baile Funk.

Zuzuka is currently working on some hotttt Moombah but I don’t have any to play for you yet!

All I can say is WATCH out for it.  For now, here’s some tunage but it ain’t Moombah!

Zuzuka Poderosa – Entre e Sai (Bassanovva Alien Disco Mix) by Zuzuka Poderosa

Maluca Mala

From Generation Bass’ 1st Lady to Mad Decent’s 1st Lady!

Maluca is….just….WOW!

BTW, had 2 make this pic bigger so u can see the dank stickers 🙂

QUE QUE Dillon Francis x Diplo ft Maluca ( MALUCA REMIX) by Maluca Mala


From Mad Decent’s 1st Lady to France’s most famous Moombahton producer, Flore.   She ought to be a household name by now in our little scene and in addition to Moombah, she’s done loads of other brilliant Global Bass.

Raw (Flore MoombahRAWn remix) – DOWNLOAD IT HERE: http://www.flore-music.com/?p=1019 by Flore


Jessy Oh

From France to the DR.  Don’t know much about this lady but she must be the Dominican Republic’s 1st Lady of Moombah.

Manoguayabo – Bloke (DJ Reck Moombahton Power Paws Edit) by jessy oh

El Bloke – Manoguayabo (Prod Miguel Slow) by jessy oh


From the Dominican Republic to Orlando, Florida’s first MoombahLady.

maLESS (malice) is a new female moombahton DJ in Orlando, FL. Raised in a home where salsa and merengue were frequently heard and influenced by the music of Blood Eagle, maLESS naturally fell in love with the sounds of moombahton.

Meaux Green – Major (Ma-less Moombahton Edit) by ma-LESS

A Moombahton Re-Edit of MeauxGreen’s “Major” 320

Roisin Murphy- Ramalama (Bang Bang) (Ma-LESS Moombahton Edit) by ma-LESS

Lazy Flow – Tokyo Express (Ma-LESS Moombahton edit) by ma-LESS

Moombah-maLESS Summer Mix by ma-LESS

Danger Girl

From Florida to NZ’s premier Moombahsista’!

“Hello, my name is DangerGirl and I’m a Moombaholic!

I found Moombahton in July of 2010 and have been totally converted! I’m really enjoying being part of the growth of such an amazing new sound 🙂 All the sub genres and just fantastic and so varied too.. easy to play a whole night at around 108-115 bpm!

Currently based in New Plymouth, New Zealand.. (have just relocated after all the earthquakes in Christchurch) and my husband and I are just quietly trying to work on building the Moombah and Dubstep scenes here.. slowly but surely we will get there haha :)”

DangerGirl does Munbreakton by Danger-Girl

Moombahsoul Vol 1 Mix by Danger-Girl

DangerGirl does NOT like Mondays! by Danger-Girl


From NZ to Poland, Moombah is everywhere amongst the ladies.

“What I love the most are hawaian flowers, palms and eating tons of bass for breakfest :)”

The summer is back! (july 2011 mix) by jahliet

Sarah Young

From Poland to London with the UK’s 1st Lady of Moombahton!

21 Year old DJ and Stylist Sarah Young started Dj-ing after attending the Academy of Contemporary Music for 3 years studying songwriting, vocal training and production.

Her first gig being booked to play along side Chipmunk and Natty, she has since spun internationally including playing at nights in Holland, New York and Paris.

On a fashion note, having styled names from the music to sports industry including Bacary Sagna and Ryan Babel, while also holding down and being on the final year of her Fashion Styling degree at London College of Fashion she has since worked with artists, producers and DJ’s such as Donaeo, Mz Bratt, Mistajam, Toddla T, Swindle, Jammer, Roses Gabor, J2k and RedLight.

Dancehall, bashment, dirty dutch house, dubstep, d&b, funky, Moombahton & hiphop infact ‘anything with a healthy base’ can be expected from Sarah’s sets. A relatively new face in the music industry, in 2011 Sarah is expanding into music production.

Tune in nasty.fm every wednesday 8-10pm for Sarah’s weekly ‘New Music’ radio show.


From London to San Antonio, Texas, cowgirls got the Moombah too!

Perverted purveyor of Titty Tuesday, the epitomy of decadence 🙂

Naughty Girl Swag by ViciouzViv

From Texas to (shame it wasn’t Paris Texas) to Dallas!

Hey I’m DJ Sarah Battle, 23, I started Djing March 2011. I play at several different bars and clubs in the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex.

Mini Moombattle Mix by Sarah Battle

Nadia Oh

From Dallas to Dynasty ahahah, couldn’t resist that one.

Finally, but not least, the self-proclaimed 1st Lady of Moombahton!

Yes, self-proclaimed BUT to my knowledge she is the 1st “music” lady that I came across who tried her hand at Moombahton productions.

So, luv her or hate her music, it is here & it would be unfair for me not to include it here!

I know some don’t like her music at all and think it is bad news for the reputation of Moombahton and I understand where they are coming from.  Equally though, I think she is entitled to express herself in this scene, good or bad, for better or worse!

She’s contr0versial but so were many of the top female pop artists, Madonna, Britney etc etc etc.

She might just take your money…SWAGG!..HA!

Nadia Oh ‘Kate Middleton” by nadiaoh


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