In a world dominated now by music containing mindless lyrics about being at a club, partying, meaningless sex and girls apparently running the world, one can get tired by this onslaught or worse jaded. Maybe it’s my age but I highly doubt it considering I’ve always favored music with deeper messages and creative not only lyrically but melodically and rhythmically. This rant I’m going on about is truly how I feel and is also a major part of the fuel behind my love for cumbia. It seems cumbia artists and producers have a high respect for the music. Sure it’s not all good but in my humble (actually elitist driven) opinion more than most styles save jazz, salsa, alternative rock and neo-classical, as a whole modern cumbia stays classy, respectful and interesting. Its music that stimulates me, helps me think, and inspires ideas. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying music has to be very deep for me to enjoy it, I love Journey as much as everyone else.

I’m going somewhere with this I promise just hang with me.

I know I missed some artists keeping it real in the mainstream like say Ceelo Green and the late Amy Winehouse among others but I am generalizing like we all do when we express opinions.

Moombahton giant DJ Melo and I were talking earlier this week about new interesting cumbia. He asked me if there was any new talent that blew me away. I answered of course that there is especially what’s coming from Peru is really hitting me hard. The psychedelica of Peruvian cumbia as well as the whole fidget-cumbiahton coming from our friends in Argentina are on the top of my list as you’ve all probably noticed in the more recent blog posts. But out of nowhere it seems, I have been greatly moved by something almost entirely different. I posted a track last week by a producer named Cybernetiko. Well Cybernetiko a.k.a Alex Ovando contacted me via SoundCloud a few days ago with a link to his group Grupo Klons. To say the absolute least the music I encountered there blew me away. Their look is a look of the kind of groups that I’m accustomed to in my part of the world but their sound is something else. It mixes cumbia, trance, rock and jazz fusion. Grupo Klons is comprised of the Lovando family name except the singer Pedro Rico. What a voice he has by the way, truly moving. With Alex a.k.a Cybernetiko playing the keyboards and arranging the music, Jorge on bass and programming, Roque on drums, Mario on percussion and Roberto on guitar we get the complete Grupo Klons.

Without further ado hailing from Fresno, California I excitedly present to you Grupo Klons!

This one goes deep with cumbia electronica.

This one has a unique trance influence reminding of my younger days during the trance anthem movement. Half way through the track my statement becomes evident.

Proudly I debut their most recent song. This is the first time it will appear on the net.

Here is a preview of their new soon to be released album.


Cumbia Cosmonauts released their new EP last Friday and as a follow up to last week I felt it would be a great idea to share some links here. Moses of the Cosmonauts is a very down to earth chap and it’s always a pleasure chatting with him. I’m looking forward to hanging out with these guys next year when they arrive in Los Angeles. I can tell there’s very good times ahead and I can’t wait to see them live.

Here’s a taste if you also haven’t had the pleasure.

Still want more? So do I! Here is the link to their EP you can download along with in depth information that saves my lazy ass.

Vostok-1 EP


Another follow up from a few weeks back I bring you more from Fiestas Pirata. Since my post about them they have released Fiestas Pirata Vol 1.

These guys keep representing great cumbia projects, staying alive and strong down south of my border in Mexico. Here is the link to their first volume.

There’s some brilliant stuff on there.

I promise to post more from Spike and Papi Perez’s Fiestas Pirata as long as the keep going which I hope is a very very long time.


Whew we made it to the remix portion of the post. I know I posted a remix of Intiche’s last week but I couldn’t possibly resist posting more from him this week. It’s his fault for remixing one of my favorite song of one of my favorite bands. What can I say it speaks to me.

The Peronists never ceases to please my need for nu cumbia. Post-punk is one of my favorite genres and a big influence on me. One post-punk band above all is Joy Division. I’m tough to please when it comes to Love Will Tear Us Apart remixes. I’m guilty of making one myself. The Peronists gets my stamp of approval however. This take on the classic song is deep and beautiful. Simply put, I’m moved.

I had this link saved for quite some time. I’m pleased to post it this week.


A quick bit here for Jupa from Mendoza, Argentina. His newest track is the epitome of the digital cumbia sound and would have fit well in last week’s post but I over-looked it due to my ever wandering mind.

Here we go Jupa the first track under the new alias Manso Pibe. This is just brilliant friend.

That about wraps things up for this week, as always keep with me there’s so much more coming and it’s my personal joy to share with you.

Keep in touch!


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