Original Beats from the dome.  North Cali West Coast Bass Producer/DJ on the move…

Life is music and music is life. Dig it….

To drop just a little feelin’ on the cloud, big ups and respect to all the music makers and booty shakers. Fans keep the artists cool. Artists keep the fans stoked, but we’re all artists painting this canvas called life.

Just be cool and treat each other with respect, keep headz bangin, backside’s movin’, and it’s all good.

Maximum to all. Let the music play…..

Cryptic Embrace by Dwnsampla

The Message 100% DS-Mix/GM Flash & The Furious Five by Dwnsampla

Scene 3- ‘Left Behind’ (24Bit Full Quality) by Dwnsampla

BASS STEPPA by Dwnsampla

Revolution Anthem by Dwnsampla

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