The Weeknd, one of my fave acts around and the original of this album is pretty sacred.

I hope my boy has done it some justice 🙂 Ova to Heartbreak:

This kid from toronto, has been one of my favorite underground artist for quite sometime. So I said whats better than an underground artist rocking with an underground producer. I basically took the thursday album, and incorporated heartbreak into. On this album you hear dancehall/reggae/reggaton/hip hop/rock/juke/deep house and of course moombahton. I took all the genres I produced and rolled them into this album.

There are nine tracks on this album, however I only remixed seven. Two of the tracks I wasn’t too fond of, and Im not with making half ass work, so even though I made them, they were forced, and were purposely left off. The Remixes have a very good blend, and all mesh well together. There are tracks to chill too, smoke, too, have sex too, and wild out…

Take a listen to the weekend thursday heartbreak remixes, thanks for the support.

DL here:

Also My next EP.. M7 ( I love moombahcore ) all hard shit… getting back to the noise people… Lets go Heartbreak!!!!

04-THE ZONE (HEARTBREAK REMIX) by David Heartbreak

06-BIRDS 2 (HEARTBREAK REMIX) by David Heartbreak

03-THURSDAY (HEARTBREAK REMIX) by David Heartbreak

05-BIRD 1 (HEARTBREAK REMIX) by David Heartbreak

07-GONE (HEARTBREAK REMIX) by David Heartbreak

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