The UK’s equivalent to Burning Man, Shambala UK is a great festival that’s been going for a few years now, maybe 10 years.

I was reppin’ Generation Bass at the festie last Saturday night with some exclusive Moombahton!

I was playing between Dubstep acts and on one of the main stages to a non-Moombahton crowd but they soaked it up big time.  I only managed to grab some dodgy footage of my first set and not the best bits either.  Sadly at this moment in time I don’t have any footage from my second more manic set when the tent was packed to capacity and I’m hoping some will show up somewhere.

Of course peeps were expecting dubstep during my second set as the dubstep headliner was suppose to be playing but wasn’t.  It was quite a risky strategy for me to drop Moombahcore instead but I nestled in a few Dubstep bangers along the way and it worked Big Time!

I rarely post vid footage of my gigs but because I played Moombahton, I wanted to show that this genre can work in the UK and holds a great deal of promise for the future here. Of course, it doesn’t really need someone, like ME, (a no mark dj) to show Moombahton is working here, that is self-evident as Radio 1 dj’s like Toddla T, Annie Mac, Mistajam, Zane Lowe and others are getting behind it.  However, many people heard Moomabhton for the first time that night and they lost their Moombaginity and were converted & I was ecstatic about it cause Moombah is getting so much hate atm.

Footage is by no means bangin’ but at least it shows peeps are diggin’ this stuff.  The tent was almost empty when I started to play but packed to the brim during my set and so Moombahton did draw the crowds in!

Later on, my second set included me dropping Firepower by Munchi twice!! and it worked, cause second time around, people knew what to expect and were waiting for ITTT!!!

King Kong by Heartbreak blew the roof off!!!

Not a Superstar DJ moment, but this time next year at any Festival in the UK, it will be!!!

Footage shows the early parts of my first set prior to full capacity!

Thank U Shambala for allowing me to do this!



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