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Doc Adam is of the original vanguard of Moombahnista’s having caught my attention last year at the infancy of Moombahton with his blazing hot edits of tracks like Sex Sax, Calypso and many others.  He was always, at least in my mind, at the forefront of the original vanguard.  Maybe even being one of the first to attempt edits of old 80’s classics, like Culture Club’s, “Tumble For Ya”.

However, he is continuing to keep himself relevant and is sparring with the New Wave of Moombahnista’s in a big way and holding his own!

Now he presents an EP of remixes spanning bands as varied as The Grateful Dead, Human League and Ohio Players.  He even flipped a Toto classic “Africa” but not by Toto, instead he opted to flip a Brass version by The Hackney Colliery Band!!!!!  I really dislike that original track by Toto but Doc Adam made me luv his flip of the brass version and that’s what great producers do, they change yo’ mind about things.

Stand-outs for me though are the Ohio Players, Strafe & Human League edits, just sublime work!  Also the breakdown in the Grateful Dead track is a great surprise when suddenly it breaks into Arthur Brown’s “Fire” with the infamous penned lyric of “I am the god of hell fire and I bring you Fire”.

This whole EP emanates good party vybz, perfect for moving a mainstream audience who might be unfamiliar with Moombahton and also providing a feel-good factor for those already familiar with this genre.  All in all, the EP is essential for your set lists and I can imagine the sheer amount of mixes that will include tracks from this EP!

It’s just a huge shame that this EP did not come out at the outset of the summer because it’s perfect summer party music.  I know Doc experienced some delays with the artwork but at least it’s here now and it will continue to keep the summer sun shining throughout the fall & winter!

Most certainly in my book, one of the best free EP’s you’ll find this year, in any genre.


La Reconquista EP by docadam

Here’s what our boy’s PR says about it all:

Doc Adam presents La Reconquista EP.

Since the explosion of Moombahton into the world electronic dance music in early 2010, there has been a wild and wide variance of uptakes of the genre – though over time this broad range of focus has narrowed to a certain extent into a slightly more codified range of what is acceptable and what is not.

Doc Adam was one of the first moombahtonistas to begin crafting edits in the summer of 2010, releasing his now seminal edit of Drop The Lime’s Sex Sax blended with the vocals of the hip hop classic Tried by 12 by East Flatbush Project. And while Doc has continued to make edits and remixes that stick to the script that most moombahtonistas follow – co-opting elements from Dutch House and Dubstep alongside Latin, Caribbean and African rhythms to keep asses shaking – he has always attempted to add his own unique spin on the genre. As a lifelong fan of hip hop, yacht rock, hardcore punk, and a litany of other genres – and a lifelong anti-authoritarian who has earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy in an attempt to better articulate his disruptive tendencies – he has attempted to craft Moombahton tracks that reflect his unique taste and style. Some have loved it, some have hated it; regardless, Doc Adam refuses to abide by the codified rules of what counts as a ‘proper’ track within the genre.

To that end, Doc Adam is now presenting his first proper EP. Flipping tracks from Ohio Players, The Grateful Dead, Hackney Colliery Band, Strafe, Human League, and Slum Village (with some help from Thomas Bangalter), Doc has condensed his unique take on the genre into six tracks from disparate and diverse sources all the while maintaining a degree of sonic consistency loyal to the confines of the Moombahton world. The goal of this project is not only to present DJs and listeners with new and creative Moombahton tracks, but also to broaden the audience by uptaking familiar elements from classic tracks that may open more ears to the genre.


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