Yeah you can catch us all, as above, on Moombah + tonight.

I’m on at:

5pm (USA Time)


11pm (UK Time).

Here’s what the founder of Moomba+, Tony Vapid Forns say about it all, he said he’s not a writer and not to copy & paste what he sent me, but man it reads fine to me 🙂 sorry Tony.

Moomba+ is an online promotion platform for moombahton music. We not only provide artists promotion for their tracks, but we also have them as featured guests on the radio station.

The reason why I started moomba+ was to give artists the chance to have their music played live in a medium that everyone around the world can hear. That way, an artists in the States can be heard by a listener in Europe.

Every Thursday, Moomba+ features artists all over the world and from every sub genre of moombahton, easily accessible from your computer.

Previously, we have had artists like 2Deep, Mendez, Lightning Eyez and tonight, Heartbreak, UMB, and Teen Wolf in da mix!!

In the future, we want to continue promoting artists and the radio station, on top of starting/promoting events around the world.

To submit your tracks to Moomba+ post them on the Moomba+ facebook wall, drop them in the Moomba+ soundcloud group. I do hear all the tracks that are posted there.

If you want to get in contact with me for playing on the radio station send me an email to [email protected] or message me on my facebook



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