Space Jesus gave me a peek of this track a couple months ago when we met for the first time in person, and I really liked it. A couple weeks later we linked in Philly, and I saw this video. It came together perfect. but he’s SO dubstep, and got incredibly busy over the summer. We quickly became friends, and skipped together at Camp Bisco. I also came out to see him play in Jersey City and Brooklyn. It’s been a busy one.

But here’s the video… Space Jesus remixes Slangcorp representative Shape’s frantic vocals, and made a progressive Thugstep banger. A New Jersey emcee remixed by a New Jersey dubstep producer. How fancy!

If you have epilepsy, you might want to avoid this video.
Close your eyes, or check the audio on the cloud of sounds.

Also, this.

Get At ‘Em…

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