Back once again with the bleeps and bass, there is the return of some of the regulars you see in these posts plus a couple of new faces.ENJOY!  (pic from Pixel Troopers)


Kodek (Zet. Remix)

More teasers of the forthcoming Kodek release on Bleep Street, which is sure to be one of the biggest Chip Bass releases of the year. Wonky beats creator Zet. takes Kodek’s schizophrenic glitched out chipstep and gives it a solid hiphop beat and head nodding bass. Makes the wait for this release even harder.
Kodek – ORGAN1SED GRIM3 II (zet. – remix) by zet.

While on Kodek there is this nice little remix by 486 of a recent track that just dropped as well




KeFF from Finland is best known in the chip scene for his amazing Pixel art work (being awarded 2011 True Chip Till Death Pixel Art Award). This his first solo music release is really fairly impressive. Self described as skwømp..which I think is like heavier, more chip style skweee (but would happily be proven otherwise). It is a nice mix of chip bleeps, droney bass and sparse wonky beats.. really looking forward to more Skwømp in these posts 😛 !!



Cheapshot & ???

Two of the most creative and heaviest players in the Bass heavy chipmusic scene have put out a little EP that includes an original track by each and then a remix by the other. I think this is a great format for a release its almost like a mini collaboration EP you can hear both artists individual takes on the other artists style and it this case that works out AWESOMELY. Honestly a must have release stop whatever you are doing download this then tell your friends.




Adelaide multi-console multi-talented musician little-scale has put out a new release of Sega Master System music and a couple of the tracks are real head nodders, a true return to form for this amazingly prolific artist.. Lots of wonky drum patterns and pretty arps.. Download the whole thing here



Sabrepulse feat. Henry Homesweet

HUGE!! Clean epically produced Chip Drum’n’Bass, these guys prove that Chip can be used in a way that is incredibly accessible for clubs and basically just writing banging tunes. But yes overall very impressed with what these guys have come up with killer off kilter groove massive bass and beautiful chip melodies.
The Advantage (Featuring Henry Homesweet) by Sabrepulse



Kris Keyser

Leaving you with a clip from a recent show in Philly with mister Kris Keyser delivering some very impressive chipstep…

See you next month



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