During this economic crisis engulfing the western world decisions that need to be made are done so with a lot of care and caution. This is my excuse for not being able to come up with a theme to focus on for this week’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia post. The good thing is I experienced a lot of brilliant music released throughout the week. And trust me I did have ideas for themes including a focus on Chilean cumbia but I couldn’t find enough to truly write a good post about it. Now I’m not saying there isn’t enough good Chilean cumbia out there, I am saying I was too unfocused to find enough. However I really do wish to post some here anyway. The reason I wanted to approach that particular theme is right after I published last week’s blog one of our readers sent me a video in a comment thread of one of my Facebook shares. Needless to say I really loved it. It’s definitely something I will tackle more of in the near future.

Chilean Grupo Conmocion is the group and the video is albeit simple but brilliantly produced. A large band with influence in theatre and circus-like atmospheres, they return a feeling to me I try to tap myself into often. The same feeling I feel in Vegas as I walk around all the acts, noise, magic and music of performers on and off the street but always in the face of pedestrians. I love the feeling of such distractions of trickery and theatrics. It’s probably because my career I’ve chosen resides exactly in that world.

If you enjoyed that and I sincerely hope you did, then check out their site for more info about the group. http://www.bandaconmocion.cl/

Chico Trujillo whom I’m not sure has a SoundCloud account otherwise I’d share some tracks here, is another Chilean band. Pioneers if you will of the New Cumbia Chilena movement. Like Grupo Conmocion they share the unique Chilean cumbia sound that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.

A more intimate video for Chico Trujillo.

I know you’re all going to yell at me or probably currently are, about not finding enough Chilean cumbia. Why with Andrew Collyer a.k.a. Lata and Caterina Purdy being huge names we all know. I agree they are awesome but we here at Generation Bass already covered a lot of their stuff and I’m looking for some I haven’t heard from yet. That being said I invite you guys to share with me some of your work if you or someone you know specializes in Chilean cumbia. This way I can be not only lazy but I can truly put together a good collection for a post focusing on the sounds of modern Chilean artists and producers, (Most importantly though it allows me to be lazy).

With all that being said I happily share the newest track from a Chilean producer, in fact the Chilean producer that shared the Grupo Conmocion video with me. Its minimal cumbia house that provides some pretty dope beats for the rest of us to take from. I will actually do so myself.


Off of Chile we head to Cancun, Mexico with my personal favorite track of the week. Just before I left my house with my laptop to relocate to my other job to write this post up his track appeared right before my eyes. And I’m glad I caught it. It’s truly innovative and fits perfectly as a music score for what’s going on in my brain at the moment. Sonidero Simon will show you what I mean.


To fit perfectly with Sonido Simon we head over to Venezuela with Charrasquita and his nu cumbia sound. Charrasquita is growing on my fast I might add.


I’m excited to beat other bloggers in posting a new track from Alto Peru. This cumbia (dumbia) is going to get mad attention as it should. In losing my prose I must say it’s freakin’ awesome!


Before inevitably heading back to Peru for some more psychedelic cumbia let’s get psycho with Hijo De La Tanga. H.D.L.T. is always on the top of my list of favorites. This was shared in my Facebook group a week ago or so and it immediately received my attention. I want to see something crazy with this live.


Bringing our heads back to something that is rawer but still not quite reality; we go back to our friend and Sexxy Saturday Cumbia alumni Abel Digital with his new work.


Off to Chicha, though in Brooklyn truly Sonido Chichadelico is in Peru.


The remixes this week include a refix from Fiestas Pirata frequenter and my loyal friend El Gato Deejay. Posting his work is long overdue here and I promise to catch up with more of his stuff in the future.

This is really enjoyable.


Dany F brings us a lot of brilliant tracks to many of our groups. Lose yourself in this if you haven’t already (I know many of you have already).


DnB cumbia is hit and miss with me including some of the stuff I produced in the past. (Well in my case they were all misses). Sonido Profundos is a strong hitter!


Awesome track! I can listen that over and over. In fact I will.

Peace out cumbieros! And don’t let the economy bit too hard. Readers of this blog are definitely survivors.

Art provided by Abel Torres


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