Crossroads has landed distribution!

To celebrate we have put together this free compilation to share with you all. These tunes will give you an idea as to where this label and these artists are headed.

Once again we have selected a variety of work from both established artists and up and coming artists in the U.S., U.K., and The Netherlands in the hopes that it will appeal to a broad audience. From 2-Step and on to the deeper side, this compilation is focused on Bass. These tunes are packed with low frequencies that will please the desires to not only hear good music, but to feel good music.

We’ve come a long way in the last 3 years and we’re really comfortable in where we are right now. We’ve always focused on pushing our friends to produce good music and we’re very proud to be able to share this work from top shelf producers, again, established and unknown.

If you support these tunes in any way by blogging them, playing them out, playing them on a radio show, or bumping them in your whip, please let us know! It’s really important to all of us to hear what you think. You play a huge role in us striving to continually share quality work from quality producers.


CRSRDSFREE01 by crossroadsrecordsmusic



  1. excellent compilation, love the deep minimal bassy feel of the it. Will comment more on individual tracks! Peace and thanks for sharing this awesomeness!!

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