I end this week happily wiping my hands clean of it. I was removed from my job due to some silly Facebook mishap (I’m still not going to watch what I say). A few hours ago I was served at my front door with a court summons for running a red light. I know I did it, I remember clearly; I wasn’t even intoxicated (yet). I’m guilty but I don’t want to flippin’ pay because I don’t want to give money away on top of losing my job. Ahhh but I honestly end the week in good humor because that is my nature no matter how rebellious I appear.

It all gives me more time to focus on you cumbia makers as well as a new broadcast my friend DJ Tranzo and I started last Monday. Spinning live from 7-9pm my time which is MST in the USofA. From 7-8 Tranzo mixes cumbia classics and from 8-9 he gets down with nu cumbia. The special thing about this broadcast is that the nu cumbia is chosen from my Facebook group Nu Cumbia Experience so you never know who’s track he’s going put in the mix, could be yours. So check that out. We started last Monday as a test and we seemed to get a pretty decent response even with little promotion. This Monday will be bigger and better now that we know what it is we’re doing. If you need links well here they are;



You wanna here some of what DJ Tranzo does for cumbia especially crunk-cumbia? Okay here you go.



By the way Tranzo was one of the first few dj’s to spin reggaeton in Arizona. He’s a seasoned professional for certain.

Wanna join and post to Nu Cumbia Experience? A lot of you already do and I appreciate it but if you aren’t a member well here’s the link.


I’m looking forward to new members joining!
I’ve not touched on Tejano yet and I’ve really been meaning to. This week is perfect due to some recent releases on SoundCloud. I work a lot with Tejano in case you didn’t know and so does my colleague DJ Stixx. (Actually it’s because of him that I do). He runs a show called TejanoView which can be found on TejanoView.Net. There he has live streaming Tejano playing constantly as well as a talk show every Sunday night. He recently put up an awesome mix that’s been getting lots of attention and I’d like to share it with you here.


I’m gonna jump away from AZ real quick and share Add On de Bass’s newest track because it not only is dope as all hell but it fits well with Tejano and nortena. Check out his Fito Olivares remix!


Back to AZ really quickly I’m gonna post some videos of long time resident strictly vinyl crunk-cumbia master DJ Smite a.k.a Sir Smeezy. Smite knows his stuff, he knows it well whether it’s jazz standards, soul or cumbia. I’ve also wanted to share some of his stuff for a while. He’s not well known outside of Arizona and I reckon he’s content with that. He stays true to his roots and is the true crunk-cumbia pioneer. Because I obviously don’t stay true to my roots, I have the opportunity to share his work to the world (which is long over-due in my opinion).

DJ Smite will be celebrating like many recent years past, Grito De Dolores by spinning at his usual haunts. Check out his videos. Honestly I’m not doing him justice but I’ll do what I can.

For “El Grito” I chose an original track that I’m quite fond of from Mexico’s very own Cadereira. I love this track and I know DJ Umb featured it on a past post but this is the first time on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. It’s just too good for me to pass up. It’s actually perfection! Thumbs up for originality


I couldn’t pass up posting Bongo Laser’s new track Cumbia Kabeza. It’s exactly what I love to hear from nu cumbia. Top notch work here! I’ll just keep it on repeat because I can’t seem to tire of it.


The last divider means it’s the remix, mashup, refix, edit and all the rest portion of the blog. And with that said here are my favorites that stood out to me this week.

Mashup dopeness is my poorly worded description for the not poor in any way production from Andres Digital. It’s titled Cumbia Brasileira and is all over the place yet fit tightly into a nice package


Enrikisimo brought us a piece with the truest meaning of the label salsa. It’s a blend of ideas and it’s brilliantly done. A lot of you already agree with me evidently due to the number of downloads and plays


Best wishes to you mates and wish me luck this next week as I push on through.


  1. You are keepin it so cliente it burns a new hole in my speaker every Saturday!! Sorry to hear about the mishaps bro and hope it all turns for the best. Your posts are the best cumbia roundups around!

    paz y luz!

    1. Thanks man I appreciate your words. I’m glad you’re happy with the posts. 

      Everything will be fine it was just a bad week but in truth I feel more liberated than ever 😉

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