For this project we are asked to bring together vocalists and producers from non western countries like Kenia, Tanzania, Guatamala, Bolivia and Zimbabwe, and have them work with upcoming stars in dance music in the west right now. The idea is that by interacting, you learn about each other’s background and it can help you develop your own style as an artist, without walking the ‘obvious’ path. And since music is such a total international language, it would be great to have people work on music together!

Practically, this means we bring couples of artists together, in Tilburg, Holland during the Incubate festival, 12-18 sept 2011. We’ll supply them with a working spot and they will work here on music for a day, presenting the results live, at night. The following day we will repeat this at another venue in Holland, WORM, Rotterdam and another one in Amsterdam called Smart Project Space.

The show will be recorded in video and audio and will be posted in your trusted GENERATION BASS of course! I’ll be presenting the participants to you this week and am kicking off with some FAM of course!


This one’s going to be special. Normally, the beautiful Hope Masike from Zimbabwe brings her jazzy Zimbabwean reggae in such a manner that it brings goosebumps to your arms, and makes you want to dance to it. After studying at the School of Music Ethnomusicology, she has definitely proven to be a unique talent. She will not perform alone at this year’s Incubate Festival, but teams up with our homeboy Process Rebel. The United States-born DJ from Amsterdam will bring his dubby dubstep with reggae and world influences, or as he calls it: ‘traversing the electronic music diaspora with a lean towards dub, dubstep, post-dancehall and global ghetto tech’. So this musical mash-up is unique, challenging, suprising and exclusive to this special GENERATION BASS project! If that doesn’t tickle your curiosity, we don’t know what will… hahahahaha!

Process Rebel At Global Mash Berlin (Partial Set) !!Free Download!! by processrebel

SATURDAY SEPT 17th – 00.00


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