Yessss, the Lazer Bass God is back with a killa’ new mixtape that’s gonna annilhilate those massive sold out arena’s that he often plays nowadays. One of America’s biggest dj’s, nuff said!

Bassnectar – Color Storm Remixtape

Bassnectar – Color Storm Remixtape [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Bassnectar


Bassnectar Color Storm Remixtape Track Listing

Bassnectar – Color Storm
Bassnectar & Seth Drake – Above & Beyond
Bassnectar – Upside Down (Bassectar & Terravita Remix)
Top Cat & Rebel MC – Original Ses
Bassnectar & Datsik – YES
TC – Tap Ho (Bassnectar Remix)
Zion I – Juicy Juice (Acapella)
NIN – Closer (Instrumental)
Dick Dale – Miserlou (Pulp Fiction Theme) (Bassnectar Remix)
Bassnectar – Voodoo (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix)
Nirvana – In Bloom (Bassnectar Mashup)
MIA – Paper Planes (Instrumental)
Nas – If I Ruled The World (Acapella)
ill.Gates & Captain Hook – Open your Eyes (Bassnectar Remix)

Here’s what his Majesty says:


Sorry it has taken me a year to throw together another remixtape for your listening pleasure, but I am excited to announce… It is finished, processed, and about 2 or 3 clicks away!

The Color Storm Remixtape is 30 minutes of music: some completely unreleased, and some classic smashups you have been requesting for eons. This mix is designed to accompany your adventures with us over the days and nights to come. Week one of tour was utterly off the hook, and it has only just begun. Can’t wait to see the rest of you out on the wild wild road!

If you plan on seeing us this Fall and don’t want it to cost you an arm and a leg (scalpers made bank off of bass heads last spring!) you had better grab your tickets before the events sell out. We are also so grateful to be featuring the likes of Wolfgang Gartner, Z-Trip, Dan Deacon, EOTO, Bonobo, Big Gigantic, Amp Live, Ana Sia, Superdre, and DJ Laura! Check out your event listing to learn about the fantastic support for your event at

If you want to see what we’ve been up to so far, hop on over to our Fall Tour Gallery and take a peek at some show photos and the infamous family photo for each night:

And we’ll leave you all on that note. Enjoy the music, and we’ll see you soon!



Divergent Spectrum Fall Tour 2011:

Full listing of tour dates and ticketing info is located at


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