THE GLOBAL MASHUPS project continues! – this means we bring couples of artists together, in Tilburg, Holland during the Incubate festival, 12-18 sept 2011. We’ll supply them with a working spot and they will work here on music for a day, presenting the results live, at night. The following day we will repeat this at another venue in Holland, WORM, Rotterdam and another one in Amsterdam called Smart Project Space.

The show will be recorded in video and audio and will be posted in your trusted GENERATION BASS of course! I’ll be presenting the participants to you this week!

Watch out for Meneo – he tends to go on stage naked!
Meneo is an act that is basically described as electropical 8-bit with soul. With their Atari and gameboy sounds the party is on! In the Spanish scene these guys have made quite a fan base with their wild energy, because with their music they’ve got everybody jumping from side to side, up and down and swinging side to side. Meneo is bringing the party to Tilburg!

Working with Meneo is Bert on Beats. Bert on Beats is the hottest new artist to release on the Berlin based label Man Recordings, run by our homie DANIEL HAAKSMAN! His music is a huge source of UK Bass and mixes dubstep with kuduro and other tropical beats. it will fill up your ears with energetic, up tempo and danceable dance tunes. Mixing Guatamalan gameboy sounds with the tropical kuduro beats from Estonia is a mash-up that will get you interested. Meneo on Beats!

GO SEE THIS LIVE!!! – FRIDAY SEPT 16th: 013, TILBURG – 03.00 – 04.00

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