With so much free time on my hands now I swear my house hasn’t looked cleaner. As I try my best to fill up my days and nights with things to do whether it’s improving my blackjack skills tremendously, cleaning house over and over, catching up on gigs around town that I have always had trouble getting to before or staying on top of all the new cumbia online, I still have too much free time damn it!

Well thank god I do because I stumbled upon AsagiSaundo KaChaHa’s SoundCloud this week.  Who’s entire SoundCloud track list became the soundtrack of my online blackjack addiction (don’t worry I’m not betting real money).

AsagiSaundo KaChaHa’s music is very unique and I’m very pleased I get to share some of it here with all of you. If I know you guys and gals right I’m sure you’ll be eating it up too. With out further ado here is the newest release La Cumbia de Michelle.


This is sci fi cumbia honestly at its best. These could really be good soundtracks to a new paranormal show honestly. I really do like them. They all possess a similar sound which of course is not a bad thing. It’s a AsagiSaundo thing.


Cumbia Jawa!


Cumbia with awesome usage of live samples!


Back to sci fi!


These last two are my favorites. Trust me it was difficult choosing the tracks I wanted to share here because I wanted to share them all. I believe I managed to represent the unique sound of AsagiSaundo KaChaHa. In short I think these are perfect digital cumbias with catchy melodies.



AsagiSaundo KaChaHa, now there is some real talent here.


The best way to chill things out even further would be to listen to Tambores Del Mar’s smooth cumbia chill Cumbia Libertad (feat. Daia Mutis). It’s beautiful and fits so very well here.



I’ve got so much to share this week but I couldn’t resist the new Cumbia Cosmonauts visual video they put together and released a few days ago. Moses Iten of The Cumbia Cosmonauts shared this on my FaceBook group and I’m so pleased that he did. It’s dope!


Who’s also on tour next month is our very own Oscilador Latin Bass. He embarks on his European tour starting October 24th in Paris and ends, well we’re not sure because he keeps having dates added. But I can definitely share with you the dates he has scheduled so far. So for all of you that can make it to some of his gigs here is his list of dates:

Oct. 21,22,28,29 paris,france

4of november hamburg,germany

5 of november paderborn,germany

11 of november bielefeld,germany

12 of november montpellier, france

18 of november milan,italy

19 of november rome,italy

25 of november zurich,switzerland

26 of november london

As more dates are added I’ll share them in the comment section of this blog post.

Also get his new album from iTunes here:
Original Sound Album 2011 - Oscilador


Thank you to all that tuned in last Monday to the Nu Cumbia Experience live broadcast. It was a good turn out and DJ Tranzo and I are excited to present it again this Monday night. I’ll upload all the sets to my personal SoundCloud as soon as they’re finished each Monday as well as a track list. Here is last Monday’s!


I know I’m a liar, there’s no track list on this one yet. I promise to have it up as soon as I can.


Remixes chosen for this week start with Un Mono Azul and DJ Karim’s of Goy Karamelo’s La Trampa. They added a lot of energy to the tune and made a seriously dope remix that you must check out!


I love this song a lot and considering this is a cumbia blog I see no harm in sharing the original too.

It’s awesome to compare the two, it shows what a great remix Un Mono Azul and DJ Karim produced.

Murky Recess is a perfect name for the producer of this next chopped and screwed remix of Juaneco y Su Combo’s Vacilando Con Ayahuasca. It’s sexy.



I have a good life honestly. I get to do what I love (for example this blog) and have little to really worry about.

I’m barely finishing in time for this dinner I’m invited to with the Guatemalan consulate. I have no idea what it’s all about but it’s semi-formal and free food. It was nice to be invited so how could I refuse?

Peace cumbieros!


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