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yo i’m back, and it is time to shake the dust off some quality releases that have been patiently waiting in my inbox. Part of what I see my role as a music blogger/e-journalist/dj, is to help sort through the unimaginable quantities of new music releases and to bring forth sound that is attractive, unique, sophisticated and creative. In the World Trips series here on GB I thrive to stick to high standards of sound unconfined by politics, genres, bpm, or hype.

Inspired by DJ Emil’s world lounge series, I call this edition The Return of the Cultural Sound, as the explosion of the global bass scene brings it back loudly. The tools and knowledge of music creation are now widely available allowing the expression of talent and creativity across culture previously and literally unknown. Music is no longer restricted by big networks and mainstream selectors. With the assistance of heavy basslines, audiences all over the world are dancing to global cultural sounds everywhere. This is the liberating force of music; let’s dance the world free!

Vol 4 features:

Maasto Records:
Dj Emil

Man recordings:
Daniel haaksman
Neki Stranac

Oeuvre records:
Machine Gun Militia,
Person’s Unknown
The Wests



enjoy and use  Shuffler (button on the top right side next to facebook icon) to listen to this release as a whole.

Dj Emil, head of the Finnish label Maasto Records (Remember Baltik Bass?), sent me two absolutely fantastic world lounge/beat mixes that blew fresh new air into my ears from the first minutes of the set to its very end. Original grooves and traditional rhythms celebrating cultural roots from all over the place. I applaud Emil’s great track selection and superb cuts in both volumes, and invite you to lounge back and enjoy the world through stylish music!

Dj Emil – World lounge mixtape series by Maasto Records

Vol 1: Sun (tracklist and d/l)  Vol 2:Moon (tracklist and d/l)

MAN Recordings and Mr Haaksman sent out a remix of Puerto Rico, from the Summer Smasher EP – Copabanana,  by the one and only Neki Stranac (Shazalakazoo).  Grab it now!!!

Daniel Haaksman – Puerto Rico (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix) by Daniel Haaksman / Man Rec

and if you missed on this one, give it a listen and pick up a copy on Juno and drop it like it’s HOT!!!

Daniel Haaksman – Copabanana by Daniel Haaksman / Man Rec



First Moombahton/Electro track from EarthCycle. This genrebender never seizes to impress me with his creation and style. With this BoomBoom track he definitely got something new to say!

EarthCycle presents BoomBoom (EarthCycle Original Mix) by EarthCycle


Alex from Oeuvre Records (UK) wrote to let us know about some new projects they are supporting. Mixed bag of styles with a central thread of raw underground slighty-dark vibe connecting them all.

Oeuvre is a new Electronic music record label – (Pronounced ‘Eerv’) Following in the footsteps the greats from the past, who pioneered Electronic Dance Music. We are the future of ‘Electronic Listening Music’ – a genre name coined by Warp in their early days to describe the new exciting brand of dance music that appealed to the brain as well as urge to move your feet and get busy. We want to promote new music and give the new Electronic artists a chance to be heard.

Here are my picks of the three:

Zombie Buccaneer Riddim by Machine Gun Militia

Roots-In-A-Box by The Wests
The Wests – Special Pleading (Dancing to Bullets) by The Wests

Inside Jeff Goldblum by Person’s Unknown

Enjoy 2 unreleased tracks by the Wests and Person’s Unknown that will knock your socks off:  The Wests – Roots-In-A-Box & Person’s Unknown – Inside Jeff Goldblum (both at 320kbps). Cheers Alex,  and keep them coming!


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