Exploring the reaches of DUB SPACE, and SCI-FI POLY-RHYTHMICS, Gulls takes cues from world classical / traditional musics, minimalist ethos, dub pioneers, and oversized sound systems.

Gulls new EP “Boom Miami” is out now on 12″. I’ll get to that in a bit though, and I’ll introduce you to Gulls the way I was introduced – since I think it sets you up pretty well to understand where he’s coming from – with this mixtape:

DOWNLOAD: Gulls – Yard Sounds

-Pantytec-”Micromission” (Perlon)
-Mahmoud Guinia-”Side B” (edit)
-Huun-Huur-Tu-”Altai Sayan Tandy-Uula” (edit)
-Gulls-”Boom Miami” (Boomarm Nation)
-Gulls-”Running Times” (unreleased)
-Harmonious Thelonious-”Mokambo” (Diskant)
-Gulls-”SOID Dub” (unreleased)
-Busy Signal-”Launch It Out” (Victor Entertainment)
-Gulls-”4V” (Forthcoming-Boomarm Nation)
-Nass El Ghiwane / Dabrye–”1.b” (DJ Rupture/Mutamassik)
-The Durian Brothers-”Mille Yeux” (Diskant)
-Nas vs. Pan African Orchestra-”Represent” (Gulls Mash)
-Gulls-”To Sconce” (unreleased)
-Scientist-”Dance Of The Vampires” (vocoder edit)
-Studio Geordie-”Redline” (unreleased)
-Gulls-”Various Bounce” (unreleased)
-Dadawah-”Run Come Rally” (Dug Out)
-Can-”Bel Aire” (edit)

Oh my, the deepness… spaced out, scratchy, glitchy transnationalbassism & papery afro minimalism, incredible stuff, especially some of Gulls’ own productions. SOID Dub is immense. Also the Harmonius Thelonius tune is pretty mind blowing, I highly recommend you go check out his stuff immediately. There’s a real desert feel to this mix, kind of reminds of Tinariwen, even though there’s almost nothing on here that sounds anything like Tinariwen, it’s just somehow got the same feel. Appropriately then, Gulls is one of the guys – alongside Sahel Sounds – behind the forthcoming Music For Saharan Cellphones project, remixes of tunes gathered via Sahel Sounds’ Music From Saharan Cellphones project.

More on those projects in in due course. For now, on to the Boom Miami EP:

Opening with a distorted sort-of-squished-marimba sounding synth which puts you somewhere hot, tropical & psychedelic – not sure if I’m thinking Sahara or Amazon here – Boom Miami is a slow electro-dub workout, whilst the Version takes a more minimal tech approach. Cesco Chavo on the flip feels much colder, like a really expansive take on Skweee. The EP closes with a Mike M remix of Cesco Chavo, strongly recalling early Autechre & other 90s Warpesque artists.

Gulls has given GB readers an exclusive DL of Cesco Chavo, check it: Gulls – Cesco Chavo

Order the 12″ from the Boomarm Nation bandcamp page, and check out his previous EP there too – the epic, cinematic analogue sludgestep of Mean Sound is well worth a spin.

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