This week i’m feeling extreme positive emotions after last week United Global Beats consolidated in Spain . We were asked to run a  monthly party in one of the coolest venues in europe , Sala Apolo from Barcelona .  Joy is not enough descriptive .

This year is becaming one of the best ever . I gave birth to an amazing baby , I was asked to ressurect an amazing label very close to my moral and political point of view , UMB invited me to participate in this amazing blog and United Global Beats is just taking off at the speed of light.  Sorry for using the word amazing too many times but my English is too small sometimes.

I want to give thanks to everyone that supported me and the ones to come. Somehow Generation Bass changed my life, big thanks to UMB and Vince for accepting me in this family of Bass Culture.

I love dub , I love it in all its forms.

Sailing on soundcloud at the same time of answering tones of emails , I found this compilation that was like a massage for my ears. It comes form a label I’m following from Canada , The Renegade Records I posted some stuff from them before.  I like them, they always bring me peace when I need it .

They just released this free compilation of a a remix contest, it turned out to be a nice, wide selection of interpretations and styles.  Dubstep to Drum & Bass, Brazilian to Dub and more. . Listen and enJOY!!!!!

Echoes (The Remixes Volume One) by RenegadeMedia


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