This week begins with some Slow House (or is that Lean House?) from Behling, then we’ve got a Ghanaian hip hop selection by DJ Kaxtro and finish on an epic, dark, cinematic sonic collage from Psychological Strategy Board


Wanted to post this as a follow up to the Lean House which UMB posted the other day. Behling is an alias of Baobinga (or possibly ID, not 100% sure which) from Bass Music Blog and he gives his version of the subgenre a much more prosaic name: Slow House.

DOWNLOAD: Slow House Mix 3 – Behling

Ten City – Superficial People
Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation
Behling – Without You
Alphabet City – Love
Behling & Simpson – UFO
Behling – Eyes Closed
Behling & Simpson – Left Behind
Julio Bashmore ft Javeon McCarthy – Father Father (Behling & Simpson remix)
Carlo – Mr Brown (Elef remix)
Deep Space Orchestra – Riding In My Imaginary Jeep
Henry Oakley – Mellowmarsh (Joe Europe remix)
Trickski – Point 0
El Kid – Le Corbusier
Andre Lodemann – Don’t Panic
Cosmonauts – Disco Biscuit

DJ Kaxtro

OK some of this is pretty commercial but I find it so interesting how commercial hip hop / pop sounds are being picked up and interpreted around the world, especially in Africa. Kaxtro hails from Ghana, as do most of these tunes I think.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Kaxtro – Blazin mix

1. Ayigbe Edem(f)Tinny – Bra Freme
2. Lighter – Dark-skinned Girl(Kaxtro re-fix)
3. Kaxtro Breakdown I
4. Asem – No Mo Kpayor
5. Cabum – Meto Faa Ho
6. Lord Kainyah – Adwoa Anaa Attaa
7. Sarkodie – Ye Balle
8. Ben Brako – Etuei(Kaxtro re-fix)
9. Jay Ghartey – Go Hard All Day(f)Tinny
10. Cabum – What’s My Name((Kaxtro re-fix(f)Kofi The 5Th, Papi J & LL Cool J
11. Kaxtro Breakdown II
12. DJ Slim – U Dey Rush(Kaxtro re-fix(f)Guru
13. TicTall – It’s Not Easy(f)Sarkodie & Stone of Bradez
14. Ghetto Boyz – Ghetto(Kaxtro re-fix)
15. Ko-Jo – Nod Ya Head
16. Kaxtro Breakdown III

Psychological Strategy Board

BLAM! Time to get the party started! Here’s some peak-time-dancefloor-action! Oh wait. It’s not. At all. It is pretty awesome however, a dark sonic collage taking in ambient, noise, industrial, spoken word and found sounds. Not quite the usual Generation Bass fare but I like to sneak these things in occasionally (I do have a degree in Noise after all). Comes accompanied by the cheery message: “Industry, what Industry was completed on the day of the UK royal wedding and reflects their concerns that we are rapidly spiralling into hell.” Whack this on your iPod if you’d like your day to get significantly weirder.

DOWNLOAD: Psychological Strategy Board presents: Industry, what Industry? (via Pontone)

The Curious Dad
Einstürzende Neubauten – Fiat Lux b) Maifestspiele (from Haus der Lüge)
Get to your Stations
Ekoplekz – In Pursuit (from Volume 2 cd-r)
Nuclear Home
Costin Miereanu – Parte Prima (seconda) (from Luna Cinese)
Monroeville Music Centre – A004 Bell, Ukulele and Synthesizer (from Generic Product)
Uton – Into the Forest Mind (from Unexplained Objects)
Sugar, Wheat, Flour and Rice
Explosion Echo’s
Todd Dockstader – Om (from Aerial #1)
Tony Oxley Quintet – Stone Garden (from The Baptised Traveller)
Sculpture – Overmodulation High (from Rotary Signal Emitter)
Chris Watson – Bucaneve (from Cima Verde)
Umberto – Red Dawn (from Prophecy of the Black Widow)
The March of The Worker’s Funeral (from Baku: Symphony Of Sirens. Sound Experiments in the Russian Avant-Garde)
Tony Oxley Quintet – Stone Garden (from The Baptised Traveller)
Father Murphy – There is a War (from No Room for the Weak)
Dark In Hear /We have Thee / Fall Out /The Short Answer /Shooting Stars / Lets Go…
Time Attendant – Industry, what Industry! (Unreleased)
Hacker Farm – Hardington Marsh (from Poundland)
Industry, what Industry!
Have you seen our Mandy?
Night or Day?


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