Brujaton is simply one of my sub-genres of this year, hands down.  I can’t really describe how I feel when I listen to this shiit except that it makes me feel good and puts a smile on my face and I have to play it repeatedly.  For me, it’s like listening to a classic album over and over again.  It just does things to me 🙂

It’s just like a real bummer that save for one further EP that is going to be distributed to a select few, including me ahahaha, there will be no more Brujaton by these guys.  That’s a DAMN shame and it kinda depresses me cause I was just waiting for this whole thing to explode.  It could still do and so if you’re a producer, do yourself, and me a favour, and get onto making some Brujaton PLEASE, cause I need it in my life!

This one is up for download now, grab it:

††† – †hholyghs† (STLKRFxxx remix) by starfoxxxchicago


Not only did these dudes make the most glorious Brujaton (“did” cause they have now disbanded :-() but they also made unbelievable Moombahton as this track below demonstrates.

Starfoxxx R.I.P. You will be missed!

Coldcut & hexstatic – Timber Seiji remix (youngfoxxx edit) by starfoxxxchicago

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