This is massive.

I’m so excited to present this , there’s a before and an after in Spain .

Our friends Caballito from Granada just dropped a bomb . Graveton Volume II , a compilation of 50 gems. For the ones that missed them Caballlito is a collective formed by Grita Hansel and Bigote. Djs, producers , bloggers and net label rulers . Specialized in cumbia digital,  baile funk, cumbia, basslines, moombahton, dubstep, etc.. Visit their blog here

This compilation is formed by two parts , the first part is Caballito’s productions, i love each one of the tracks. Just put your speakers loud and get ready for teh Caballito experience . I bed your hips are going to hurt tomorrow.


The second part is the remixes from their tunes and some original stuff  .Pocolento,UNSUB feat Caballo, Deltatron, Chong X, Rafael Aragon , Javier Estrada and many more. What to say … la creme de la crem … Watch out , in this player you can only hear a sample of the remixes get all the compilation below.

CBLLT011 EL GRAVETON II vvaa by Caballito Netlabel

To get the full release go here

Part 1.

01 Grita – Pocolento
02 Bigote – La Cumbia Meta Acida
03 Bigote – Addis Ababa
04 Bigote – Angola es Hardcore
05 Bigote – Ay porque Dios me daria
06 Bigote – Baba
07 Bigote – Bolivia en New Orleans
08 Bigote – Esto si es sabor
09 Bigote – Fuego y Tierra
10 Bigote – Juanita
11 Bigote – La Cumbiacore
12 Bigote – Peluca
13 Bigote – Romance de Cumbia
14 Bigote – Selva Machete
15 Bigote – Tequila Warm
16 Bigote Feat Mish Mish- Hijxs.mp3
17 Cholita Sound – Choquechinchay El Jaguar (Bigote RMX)
18 Copia Doble Systema-Made in China (Bigote RMX)
19 Ku-Bo feat Deniecell – Sumanita (Bigote Remix)
20 Lesglobe Feat Jennifer Paulos – El color (Bigote remix)
21 Self Evident & Will Eede – Profunda Meditacion (Bigote Remix)
22 Los Ganglios – La Cumbia de Félix y Jaques(Bigote Remix)

Part 2 .

01 Axel K Soundsystem feat. Mc Gringo & Bebel – Cumbiaton Rutero Fila Andou (Copia Doble Systema Funkcumbia Edit)
02 Los Macuanos- Iglesia de San Miguel Canoa (Den5hion remix)
03 Bleepolar – Chiquita
04 Sonido Guay Ñeñe – Manca Fiesta
05 Abel Digital – Cumbia Psicotropical
06 Fauna – Para Mi
07 Goy Karamelo – La Trampa (Un Mono Azul & Dj Karim Remix)
08 Chicas Lindas & BN Loco- La Cumbia de los Pajaritos Emputados
09 Al Pacheco – Rolita Taos
10 Cholita Sound feat Roman – Lo quiere encendido
11 Chong X – Fat Hangover
12 DJ Rafa Caivano – Moomba Terrier
13 Los Destellos – Lamento De La Selva (El remolon remix)
14 Deltatron – Bello dia
15 Miss Bolivia feat Mariana Baraj – Peru (Iszen Rmx)
16 Rafael Aragon – CyC Latin Jazz Locura
17 SelfEvident & WillEede – Fantasia
18 Tones & SelfEvident – I See
19 UNSUB feat Caballo – Resiste
20 Mosca Verde – Lamerdeuse
21 Mejía – Son el verde
22 Lao – Tribu De Tambores (Letter D rmx)
23 Yelram Selectah-Future Border
24 El Gato Deejay – I want you back Rmx
25 Intiche – Latcho Drom Rmx
26 Doma Tornados – Cumbia Arenosa
27 Javier Estrada – Miyotl (V-M)
28 Joe Howard – Unidad


But hey there’s more …

Caballito is celebrating their first year anniversary with a massive party in Madrid called 12 hours of Cumbia .

Fauna , Meneo , Grita , Bigote , Andres Ramirez and of course our support from United Global Beats with Ion Din Anina. Don’t miss this if you are in the zone .

Watch the promotional video to see Bigote dressed as a rabiit . lol.

Caballito cumple 1 añito from Caballito on Vimeo.


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