Bringing back the MOOMBAHMIX series, and coming at you in a completely different angle is OKTORED.  Say hello to Joel Dunn aka OktoRed , a crafty producer bringing new sounds to the already wide moombah spectrum,  revealing a softer side to party rocking moombahton but still keeping that shit slightly dirty.  In this mix you’ll hear some exclusive tracks from OktoRed that that take a futuristic approach to moombahton, similar to what you would expect from post-dubstep-futurisms, with that 108bpm seduction.  Just think about it as sexy, swaying beats, and maybe a bit ahead of its time?  Currently Oktored is releasing bass related music on YoSuckaMusic a collective of young aspiring producers trying to inject some new life into Detroit’s EDM scene.   Look out for an upcoming release on YoSuckaMusic for  “How Many Moons”  by OktoRed which will see the light of day as a 12″ vinyl early October.   And you thought this Moombahton shit was strictly digital… but you can look forward to a digi release of as well.  Check this dude out, we’re stoked to be hosting this mix for him.




01. Forbidden Love (Moombahton Edit) – OktoRed
02. Learn, Don’t Burn – OktoRed
03. How Many Moons – OktoRed
04. Valley of the Kings – OktoRed
05. Mosde – OktoRed
06. Suck It – OktoRed
07. Make it Slow – OktoRed Moombahton Edit
08. Out in the Streets (OktoRed Moombahton Edit) – Africa HiTech
09. Bloodborne Pathogen – OktoRed
10. Hang Me Down (OktoRed Bootleg Version) – Me & The Ghost


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Bonus and FREE tracks, check out “Bounce that Ass” another gem by Oktored pushing new styles.  Plus “You know” a funky-ass moombahcore shaker for those hard headed moombahheads.


OktoRed – Bounce that Ass (download)


OktoRed – You Know? (download)

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