Summer is finally over in the north, even though today in my city it was 105 degrees (F%$#ng Phoenix!). This is truly my favorite time of year right before the storm of corporate holidays takes over the souls of the first world inhabitants. But that brings up a whole other topic I could blog crazily about forever. So I won’t go there just yet. Instead I’ll look forward to the changing of the weather which is something beautiful that can be shared by all and free of charge.

Autumn is upon us north of the equator while spring starts for the south bringing a collage if you will of changes. This week I specifically chose tracks that make up a collage of ideas not too similar to each other. Therefore a theme of a non-theme. If this makes sense to you than you are smarter than I am because I’m not sure I quite get it. I just write how I feel and what comes to me.

This is my newest track I composed specifically with the coming of autumn in mind.

A true collage of sound and ideas is a great way if I say so myself and I do, to describe Den5hion’s newest masterpiece.

I’ve heard this song too many times to count but by far this is the best version in my opinion. Sonidos Profundos’ remix of Colegiala. It’s actually quite beautiful.

The next three I’m posting are from jp shuk. I find his work to be very unique. He mixes many ideas so perfectly. Definitely a style of cumbia all his own, I simply love it.

This one is freakin dope. Honestly my favorite salsa/cumbia fusion I’ve heard!

A deep groovin chill lounge style cumbia is the my best attempt to describe this one.

If only the trees could sing to us (without being under the influence of potent drugs) this might just be their tune. A truly well produced track from Pernett mixing old and new ideas.

LAPKAT is from Australia and she works a lot with spoken word poetry. She made this mix earlier this week and it involves a good amount of cumbia along with deep poetry and Bruce Springsteen (;p). I was impressed with the over-all production and honored to have a couple of my tracks featured.

All kidding aside there really is a good autumn theme going on here. Maybe it’s just me but these tracks seem to say so.

After that beautiful mix it’s time to wake up a little and this one by Waxploitation is a good one to wake up to. It’s minimal and builds slowly which reminds me of how I approach compostion.

In Tijuana lives a mix master named Yelram Selectah and I’m sure most of you know his work already. He remixes a lot of top 40 songs and makes them so much better. He has a unique approach and might possibly be my favorite re-mixer. He produced an awesome cumbia version of Flashing Lights and I would have posted it here but I simply couldn’t find it in my heart to post anything featuring Kanye. I just couldn’t do that to you guys (because I care about you). However I can upload something more awesome by Yelram Selectah.

Al Pacheco dropped this one by not too long ago. It’s a hard hitting digital cumbiahton with awesome electro elements.


On to the remixes we go!

I’m happy to bring back more Sonidero Simon and I do so now with his newest work which is a very interesting cumbia mashup.

Did you get your head around that one?! It’s out there!

Bigote brings to our ears this hilarious remix of an already goofy song. No one in the world beats Jacques Cousteau except maybe Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente but I’d like to see what David Attenborough has to say about this, hmmm.

I’m semi-ashamed of my attempt at humor with my last paragraph so I’ll move on quickly with the always great Pa Kongal. Wait maybe Pa Kongal is my favorite re-mixer. Damn I can’t make up my mind. Who cares who my favorite is anyway? Here is his dope hard hitting and newest awesome remix just one day old now.

That should do it for a good collage of cumbia sounds. I hope next week I actually feel the effects of autumn in the air in my city. Here’s hoping you all have a great equinox!

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