Our German mate Joney who use to make all manner of Dub, Dubstep & Lazer Bass has just turned his attentions to Moombahton in a very unique, enterprising and funky way.

I’ve only heard one track from his free EP, which he has uploaded onto his Soundcloud but that one track alone blew my mind.  This is like Phuture Moombahton, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP.

Yo Shut Yo Mouth (MumbahTron St. Pauli) by Joney

Here’s what he says:

2045 – this is you on your way to st. pauli. Its dark, its silent and its goddamn 2045. You´re old. As soon as you get off the train MUMBAHTRON appears and sais “yo shut yo mouth” – and his huge lazerbelly that fires bass bullets when he performs his lethal bellydance the future way – convinces you quickly. You shut up and watch em dance. MUMBAHTRON is the future jazz monster from beyond. Beware! Both of you go party hard in the year 2045.

GRAB the 4 track ep here:



  1. I really hate that Joney hype. Joney joney joney… next time i see that ugly twat i punch em. That dude was such a good country singer and banjo hard hitter back in the days before he started out producing – hope he soon returns to country an folk rock. If not, i punch him.

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