The Bleeps and Bass keep coming! I am honestly constantly surprised at how prolific some of the artists in this scene are and also how over the past year the sound of Chip Bass has expanded and matured. Picture from Pixel Troopers.



So it is finally here and it definitely delivers, the single is a bumping piece of heavy and aggressive Chip grime. The track still has that mental Kodek sound but the Gameboy has been produced and mixed in such a way that it comes out bigger and harder than ever. Having UK Grime MC Zebediah spitting on the track places this release in a great crossover area making it accessible to a whole different scene. The other two tracks are the instrumental which really does stand up on its own as a great track and finally the zet. remix we saw last month. Definitely a great evolution of Kodek’s sound and another very solid release in the Bleep Street catalog (follow that link to purchase the single). Kodek has also dropped a freebie on soundcloud/bandcamp which is a nice wonky skweee sounding track (or skwømp or skwugg if you believe they are such things).



Cheapshot has put out two tracks on his soundcloud this month and both show how he is interested in showing his diversity of sound and style. Arguably his zOMG release really set the standard for what Chipstep can be and he could of well explored that sound/tempo more and people would of loved it, but he is constantly redefining the Cheapshot sound with heavy bass being the consistent theme throughout. So one track is a great free download future garage track made on Nanoloop 2.5 (for Gameboy Advance) this track has a great chilled Mount Kimbie style vibe and is great to see what he does with a different sound pallete. The other track is a swagger filled gameboy electro number that even at a faster tempo retains some great and unique uses of rhythm that is quintessentially Cheapshot.
Ant World by cheapshot
Bashoo by cheapshot


Knife City

Again posting videos of Knife City live performance because the guy still hasn’t released anything. This video shows the great sense of humour that goes hand-in-hand with most chipmusic and also again proves how brutal Knife City’s Chipstep can be. Seriously need some of these tracks.. You can check his soundcloud to stream some of his other tracks.



I don’t think I have posted any Demoscene stuff on here yet so this is a great first! AceMan from Poland took out the Chipmusic part of Riverwash 2011 (Poland’s largest demoparty) with this AHX track (for Amiga). Its a great little exploration of a couple of bass music genres and is really well done showing off some great tracking skills and at the end of the day being a great track.. Download mp3 here or grab the mod here.




This fellow has not been very active in the chip scene for some time but has always been one of my favourites. His way with melody and ability to make Chipmusic sound gentle and peaceful is really amazing. This new release available as digital download or limited physical CD explores some darker themes but still has a wonderful atmosphere about it and a whole bunch of bass. Highly recommended!



A great video from one of my favourite artists Monodeer with some excellent visuals by the C-Men. Great to see the Chip Bass sound be represented so well in Europe. Hopefully we will hear something new from this guy soon until then pick up his Noise.BMP release if you haven’t already (here).




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