So Definate has been a busy boy. He’s my good friend, and has been knocking out high quality videos at a furious pace. We filmed interviews with Dillon Francis and Starkey. Took trips to Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, and Kansas City to film shows I was playing at, as well as a quick drive to Philly to document me headlining Mad Decent Monday. We released an EP through Nu Urban and Rock The Dub together.  And this is just what I’ve seen with my own eyes.

White Shadow produced a large portion of the newest Lady Gaga album, and asked Definate to document his life on tour with Identity Festival. I dropped him at the airport, and saw him a little over a week later in Camden, New Jersey. The antics that day were a bit ridiculous, and I knew the final footage would come out fantastic. Definate knocked this edit out in an afternoon, and it looks fantastic.

What’s bothering me is the track that’s being played. We got an email a few days ago with this banger, and it had no tags. The email account this was sent from has been deleted, and didn’t have a name attached to it in the first place. I would love to know who produced this track so we can credit them in the video, and I’m losing sleep thinking there might be a producer out there that I don’t know about. Please share this around and see if one of your friends can help us out!!


All of the White Shadow videos have been filtered to here:


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