I realized a little more today how my life has taken a fortunate turn for the better. As I was sneaking out to Carl’s Jr. for lunch today (for those who don’t know Carl’s Jr. is a large fast food restaurant chain the likes of McDonalds but better (is it McDonalds or McDonald’s? One would think it would be the latter but I won’t waste the few moments of my time it would take me to search it in Google)), I say sneaking because my significant other (who will remain nameless because she gets upset if I write about her) works a proper job during the day while I stay home and pretend to work but really just catch up on Hulu. She thinks I’m all about eating healthy only (a façade I’ve been keeping alive for quite some time) and therefore I sneak out. The realization of fortune came as I turned to a radio station and heard for a brief moment the song Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO (or as I like to call them, “who gives a s**t”!). I realized I hadn’t had to be forced to hear this flippin song since I left the nightclub I worked at for the past five years. Quickly changing it to Queen on a classic rock station, I also realized no more Beyonce, no more Kesha, no more Rihanna, no more horrible trash! I’m in control of all that I listen to. What a brilliant freedom I had forgotten all about over the years. In short I will never ever work at a night club that plays top 40 ever again. I’m free and I submerse myself only with the sounds of all that I love (well when I’m not catching up on new episodes of The Office or Louie).

The ranting has finished I promise. Let’s start with a mix by the always awesome SpikeDevilDisco. It’s a great mix and flows nicely from start to finish.


I’m going to appear a little crazy and hypocritical perhaps with this next one. So I beat you to calling me one of the two. Honestly it’s the intro that grabbed me immediately. Madness! I grew up listening to Madness. It gets truly mad after that as it mashes Britney Spears, yes you read correctly. I sort of hate myself right now too. However this is a dope mashup nonetheless. Good is good if you don’t like the Britney aspect don’t blame me, blame the awesome Kiru.


No more mashups I promise! I’m tired of them too I just felt that last one deserved a listen or two. Let’s go with originals now. Starting with Dany F. To say I love Dany F’s unique sound is an understatement. I’m honestly always impressed with his work. I love how he has his own unique sound that’s recognizable. He deserves it. Here is his newest awesome track that like all his other stuff grabbed my attention right away.


The coolest track I heard this week was from Randy Salazar Jr. Randy too always impresses and this one really pulled me in. The bass line is most definitely not typical for cumbia it reminds me more of classical rock. Then it transforms into a dope deep dub bass. This is a true gem people!

Archipiélago De Los Tucanes - El Extraño Retorno - EP

Keeping with dub Cero39 released a charming track a few days ago. It’s true digital minimal dub at its finest. I really enjoy this one.


Capitol K is at the top of their game. I really enjoy all that they do. Will Eede brought their attention to me more when he featured this song in his Mapuche mix a month or so back. It’s simply beautiful and everything I love about this genre


If I could produce a sound anywhere close to Capitol K I’d be extremely content.


Damn that last one is so flippin brilliant!

Most great of all is this release Capitol K sent my way a few days back.


Wrapping up this section we travel over to the lair of Black Mandingo. By utilizing samples in a unique fashion while keeping the track minimal and heavily driven by rhythm is my perception of his style.


Black Mandingo definitely has something good going for him.



Beginning the remix part of the blog I wish to thank Deejay Zurdo for saving this song from reggaeton and making it into a cumbia. Deejay Zurdo you made me like this song. Good job.


I’m glad Enrikisimo posted in my Facebook group before this post was published. Just in time. His new remix is incredible. It flows very nicely. This will be the second Doors remix I’ve posted here.


Peace be with you cumbieros and have a good weekend!




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