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What the fuck. I couldn’t wait to post this shit here.

So 2 days ago I was in Madrid for a gig this place called Zombie.  It was pretty cool, but i couldn’t go full because I had a fever and was sick as fuck.  So after blessing the crowd with some Dominican rum, I went home to the hotel early.

The next day Barcelona was in the planning. The gig was at Razzmatazz and since I was feeling better I knew it would be good! Met up with my dude Pol and his friends and we went to his crib.

We talked about a shitload of things and then comes this track that he shows me. Without exaggerating I was fuckin mindblown! Dude, like for real, this is something i’ve been waiting to happen for a long ass time. Apparently this dude is called Autopsy Protocol and at the gig I had the honor to meet him. He was cool as fuck, but he probably didn’t think I was that serious about it. WELL AS YOU SEE, I FUCKIN AM!! lol.

Ok, so i’ve talked a bit about what happened before and shit – you guys probably don’t give a fuck.  So let me just skip the blahblah and go to the track!!

You guys probably know the likes of La Muerta who has brought up the awesome clash of Hardcore (Gabber) and Moombahton. I did my share aswell with trying to mix Moombahton/Dubstep/Breakcore on Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx). Even though the Moombahcore genre is of course more focused between the Moombahton/Dubstep clash, the very first Moombahcore called ‘Disband’ had a proper Breakcore reference in the buildup. Me and Nadastrom also did a collabo called “Say My Name”, which focused on Daves background, Matts background and my background. That track went more deeper in the familiar elements you hear in Drum and Bass, incorporating those in Moombahton aswell.

With all this clashes happening between Moombahton and Dubstep/Hardcore/Dubstep it was only time that there would come a proper Breakcore clash. I feel like Autopsy Protocol managed to do that. The raw, unexpected, energetic and chopped elements that are familiar in the Breakcore genre, are all in this concept track. Going by the name of “Extreme Moombahcore Terror” thats all you need to know to be a happy fuck. Yes I am a happy fuck. Matter of fact, this happy fuck has been listening to this shit on repeat while writing this and my fuckin brain is fried. I don’t care tho, it was worth it.

I don’t even care that it’s only his first track doing this shit. He’s on to something.
And I was too fucking exited to wait on posting about it.

Meet Autopsy Protocol, you better support this mothafucka!!!

Autopsy protocol – Extreme Moombahcore Terror by dayofthedroids


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