Nocow out of St. Petersburg just dropped this free beats tape – Burialesque in a way that I’ve only heard Burial do before, yet still keeping his own stamp on it with sprinklings of German minimal, 90s electronica and a touch of the sort of darkness to be found on Ekaros’ ‘Exhumating Ikaros’ LP. This is amazing stuff. It’s hard to pick stand out tracks (although Round In Circles – the way the wood block percussion kind of… undulates… is just beautiful) because they kind of blend into a whole over the album, creating an incredible dark, melancholy mood.

Also check out Nocow’s Pulkovo Heights EP (which you can buy from Juno: Nocow – Pulkovo Heights EP) which perhaps takes a slightly broader approach than the Ruins Tape – we’re still very much in dark, brooding future bass territory but this collection feels a little less homogenous.

[G5002] Nocow – Pulkovo Heights EP by G5 Music

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