Man, Soundcloud goes down, the entire music blog world implodes. Here’s a hastily thrown together selection of wicked mixes which aren’t hosted there, featuring Fine Cut Bodies, DJ Spooky and myself, andykisaragi.

Fine Cut Bodies

Wonky futurism, transnational acid, tribal glitch, some other genres I just made up. All good stuff though.

Download is available from soundcloud, if it ever comes back online: Fine Cut Bodies – Summer’11 (pt.FOOT)

Boxing Club – Lukid
You Tell Me – Boddika
Aggro Acid – Instra:Mental
Claptrap – Joe
Lavender – Blawan
Afrika Starr – Deadboy
Her Tears Taste Like Pears – Dorian Concept
Little Smoke (Vs. Kab Driver) – Boxcutter
Gob (Untold Remix) – Dels
Sun (Altrice’s Only What You Gave Me Remix) – Caribou
Key Door – Long Arm
Tatooine Sunset – Tusken Raiders

DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid

So I think this is a few years old (check out Spooky’s own write up of the mix which talks about this ker-azy new thing, “kuduru”..!) but it’s nevertheless a wicked selection of dubbed out Afro beats of all kinds, exploring the continent’s past and digital future.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Spooky – Ghostworld (Africa Pavilion Mix)

Por Por Akwaaba Welcome! Car Horn Orchestra of Ghana
Intro: Lafayette Afro Rock Band “Darkest Light” mixed w/Max Roach and Abdullah Ibrahim “Streams of Consciousness” (NY and South Africa)
Intro collage
African Anarchist Radio
Malcolm X “The Roots of Savagery” mixed w/
Max Roach/Abdullah Ibrahim “Streams of Consciousness” (NY/South Africa)
Tony Allen “Crazy Afro Beat” w/scratches by Rob Swift Vs Dj Spooky (NY and Nigeria)
X Plastaz “Msimu kwa msimu” (Tanzania)
Alif “Douta Mbaye”(Senegal)
K’naan “Soobax” (Somalia)
Kelis “Trick Me” (dancehall mix) (USA)
Fela “Kalakuta Show” (Mix Master Mike, Lateef and The Gift of Gab Remix) (Nigeria)
Lotfi Double Kanon “Bled Miki” (Tunisia)
MC Solaar featuring Ron Carter “Un Ange En Danger” (France/Senegal)
Akon “Locked Up” mixed w/ Nelson Mandela “Moments in Black History (Brad Sanders)” (NY/Senegal/South Africa)
Angola National Anthem – “Angola, avante!” Author: Manuel Rui Alves Monteiro (b.1941); Composer: Rui Alberto Vieira Dias Mingao
Mixed w/Malcolm X “The Root of Civilization”
Dj Spooky featuring Tapper Zukie “Revolution Dub” (NY/Jamaica)
Frederic Galliano featuring Pancha Angola: Kuduru Sound System
Frederic Galliano featuring Pinta Tirru “Entra No Roda” (Angola/France)
Bunny Lee Meets King Tubby “African Roots and Reggae” – (Jamaica)
Cesoria Evora – Angola (original + Carl Craig remix) -Dj Spooky remix (Cape Verde Islands/Detroit/NY)
David Byrne and Brian Eno “My Life in The Bush of Ghosts: Vocal Outtakes” (New York/London)
Fela “Zombie” (Nigeria) (remix)
King Britt “Obafunke Theme” (Philadelphia) mixed w/
Interlude Idi Amin speaks (Uganda)
Orson Welles “Citizen Kane” (L.A.)
President Obasanjo mixed w/”Move” by J Dilla (Detroit)
Ryuichi Sakamoto “Riot in Lagos” mixed w/ Nigerian National Anthem (Japan/Nigeria)
Baka Forest People of South East Cameroon – Water Drums (Cameroon) mixed w/
Foday Musa Suso “World Wide Funk” (DJ Spooky remix) (Gambia)
Master Musicians of Jajouka featuring Talvin Singh “You Can Find the Feeling” mixed w/ Abdul Nasser “Independence Forever” (Morocco/Egypt/India)
Duke Ellington “Afro-Euraasian Eclipse” (NY)
Oum Kalthoum “Hob Eih” (Egypt) – Dj Spooky remix
Mixed w/Tectonic “Heat Sensor”
Charlie Dark “Afro Dreaming”(UK-Ghana)
The Monks of Keur Moussa “Nous Te Louons, Pere Invisible” (Senegal)
Ginger Baker/Tony Allen (UK/Nigeria) – drum solo mixed w/
Drexciya “Polymono Plexusgel” (Detroit)
Zimbabwe Legit “Shadows Legit Mix” Dj Shadow remix (Zimbabwe/San Francisco)
Soweto Gospel Choir “Rivers of Babylon” (South Africa)
Konono No1 “Kule Kule” (Congo)
Abdullah Ibrahim “Mindif” (Dj Spooky remix) (South Africa/NY)


A little Balkan (and the surrounding areas) mix from myself, hopefully managing to avoid to many of the usual Balkan suspects, but you decide…

DOWNLOAD: andykisaragi – BALKANISMUS oct 2011

Busta Rhymes – Put your hands where my eyes can see (acapella)
SuperStereo feat. Szolga Józsi – Goran in the Disco Club (Neki Stranac Moombahton Edit)
Nasser El Fares – Cocktail Dharif Ettoul (andykisaragi edit)
Chong X – Balkanizer
andykisaragi – disco dogg (snoop vs shantel)
Terne Chave – More Love
Son of Raw – A Black Man In Space (bonus beats)
Missy Elliott – Pass the Dutch (acapella)
andykisaragi – CLAMBAKE IN SPACE
Dave Kurtis – Violino
Opa Novy God – Rumba (andykisaragi remix)
Balkan Mashina – Gispytronic (vocal mix)
andykisaragi – zavidochka tool
andykisaragi – second avenue
The Living Graham Bond – Werk (Tomb Crew remix)
Schlachthofbronx – Schorschl Take 3 (Featuring G.Rag Und Die Landlergschwister)
Benga – Little Bits
The Dreadnoughts – Sleep is for the Weak


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