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Make MoombahLuV Not War <3

I wanted to put this compilation together for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons was to showcase some of the subtler sounds of Moombahton, thereby reinforcing its diversity.

I also wanted to show that it’s a genre of music, not just for the clubs, but also for listening to at home or in the car, when you’re feeling down, in luv or heartbroken and in the mood for romance.

With the concept of “Luv” in mind, I wanted to ensure that it remained cheese-free and wanted to keep it away from the satin sheets ideology! So this compilation is more about the “angst” & “matters of the heart” rather than the physicality of “luurve-making”.

Luv is what keeps us going, it’s what makes the world go around, as clichéd as that might sound, but I believe it to be true. Well, that’s just the way I see the world!


Thanks 2 everybody who participated in this project!

& Thank YOU for listening.



The foreword and track synopsis is by a man who I admire highly, Neil Queen Jones, one of the top Moombahton journalists in this scene.

Over to Neil:

Generation bass presents Moombahluv Volume One

You should never ask what Moombahton is, it’ll only be something new tomorrow. Moombahton is more than just a global bass genre, it’s a wide-eyed, infectious field project in EDM mechanics that relishes discovery. Dave Nada’s creation bears the bruises that come from repeatedly butting up against any limitation it comes up against: the tough bass rumble of moombahcore galvanised it, then moombahsoul proved that something deeper lurked beneath the playful exterior – and now Moombahluv Volume One shows what this thing is capable of – over 17 track, Moombahluv points the way forward.

1. Home – Phi Unit

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes’ hypnotic, lilting anthem gets taken from the campfire to last-track-of-the-night, sun-rising status with this judicious workout. This is how uplifting needs to be done.

2. None Of Dem (Th0r remix) – Royksopp & Robyn

One of Moombahton’s strength is that it doesn’t seek to reinvent the wheel, it just happens to own a new set of tyres. Th0r’s exquisite repurposing of this slice of Scandinavian class pushes it jet-heeled towards the 108bpm dancefloor, without compromising the original’s potency.

3. Mouthful Of Diamonds (DJ 4Head edit) – Phantogram

Phantogram – Mouthful Of Diamonds (DJ 4HEAD! Moombahluv edit) on MoombahLuv Vol.1!!! by DJ 4Head!

When Dave Nada pitched down Dutch house, who knew it would’ve ended up here? Wistfully indie female vocals and guitar riffs are the latest components to be assimilated by the global bass hybrid –proving once again that Moombahton is a sound that confounds expectation.

4. Bob James – El Nomada

Bob james moombahsoul by El Nomada

The breaks legend gets a serious mid-tempo global retread from El Nomada. This one’s perfect for kicking back and savouring the good life; a gentle bossanova is tweaked to form the distinctive Moombahton beat, flute lazily marks time and the percussion irons out any rough edges. Wonderful.

5. Everything She Wants (Thomas Blondet edit) – Wham!

WHAM! Everything She Wants (Thomas Blondet’s MoombahSoul Remix) by Thomas Blondet

This could so easily have gone badly wrong, yet now seems so logically right. At the hands of the glacially cool Blondet, George Michael’s finest moment gets the perfect Moombahton rub-down, retooled and ready for a liberated, hipster-allergic dancefloor. Effortlessly suave.

NB: This was previously released on Sabo’s sol selectas massive ep 3.

6. Another Girl (Kan Takahiko edit)– Jacques Greene

Jacques Greene – Another Girl (Moombahton Edit) by kantakahiko

Pure tranquil bliss. Japanese producer Takahiko gives the highly rated Montreal producer Greene, a serious make over here with a sumptuous edit, one that shows that Moombahton is now comfortable in its skin. Stripped of excess, Another Girl allows the dembow to work in perfect unison with the music, building into a balaeric wonder.

7. 93 Til’ Moombah – Cabo Blanco

93 Til’ Moombah by Cabo Blanco

Moving quickly to shoot down the notion that a woman’s role in Moombahton necessitates a bikini, this dreamy serving of moombahsoul interlaces the beautiful female vocal with the wide-open expanse of the production to heavenly effect.

8. Sliding Scale – Doc Adam

Doc reins in his trademark jackhammer beats, this time tooling up with lavish strings and Q-Tip samples, yet his tight, gristle-free production style remains uncompromised. Sliding Scale proves that Doc Adam is not only of the OGs who commands respect, but one who’ll form part of Moombahton’s future, too.

9. Suave – Freaky Phillip

The tropical beats are in full working order here, as Freaky Phillip reps the Dominican Republic, stripping Moombahton down to its constituents; the dembow crunch, the Dirty Dutch riffs, the euphoric lifts – and sends them floating into deep space.

10. A Change – Elonious

Elonious-a change-Moombah VIP-MOOMBAHLUV VOL 1-FREE ALBUM DL by Elonious

Lasers and social revolution combine to devastating effect in this effort from Generation Bass’ own Elonious. Scathing Moombahcore hooks vie with old-school electro jabs in a battle for supremacy – but the listener is the winner, irrespective of the outcome.

11. Amor De Angeles – Arehouse

Amor De Angeles (MoombahLuV) ft On Generation Bass Presents: MoombahLuV Vol 1 by AreHouse

Monica getting a reverse screw may sound like an unfortunate turn of events, but in reality it’s Arehouse effortlessly proving that pitching up to 108bpm need not mean sacrificing any of the grace, soul or subtlety – in fact, this R&B number sounds as slick as ever.

12. What Have You Done – DJ Dice

This upbeat, minimal affair from DJ Dice effortlessly and purposefully steams into full flight, teasing a playfully childlike riff into an unlikely big room soundsystem scenario, proving again that moombahton is always full of surprises and curious intent.

13. Ya Ghali (Mendez edit) – Guitarra Band

Guitarra Band – Ya Ghali (Mendez Edit) | PROPER VERSION by Mendez (ElCucoRecordings)

The mutual global cosign continues, with this latin creation from the El Cuco stable reaching out east for a rare “Bellyton” joint. Mendez is a producer who matches a breadth of vision with well-drilled production chops, as this tight, hypnotic edit proves.

14. In The Zone (Boyfriend edit) – The Weeknd

The Weeknd – In The Zone (Boyfriend Edit) by BOYFRIEND

The Weeknd plus Moombahton may seem like the result of a hipster focus group, but with Lithuanian producer Boyfriend’s ear for brooding melody, cavernous soundscapes and unanswerable beats applied to Abel Tesfaye’s plaintive urban love letters, any such argument is instantly proved pointless.

15. Goshen (Smash & Grab edit) – Beirut

This glorious edit shows how Moombahton is capable of more than throwing out bangers, it can also handle nuance, grace and sensitivity, as Smash & Grab show that melody and acoustics have no need to fear the dembow.

16. Caboclo – Frankie Grimes

While producers were trying to pick up the pieces in the wake of Munchi’s Firepower, Ireland-based Frankie took his own path, seeking out a more soulfully expressive sound. Caboclo shows where he ended up – in a refined and beautiful place.

17. Crawl – Stlkrfxxx

01 STLKRFXXX – Crawl (DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION) by starfoxxxchicago

Love can come in many forms, and in the case of David Beltran, the other person doesn’t always need to know too much about it. Dragging witch house down to 108 level, this Moombahton taken to dark and exciting places.

Download the mini-mix:

Generation Bass Presents MoombahLuv Volume 1 – Excerpts Promo Mix by DJ UMB by djumb

DOWNLOAD Compilation here : Generation Bass Presents MoombahLuV Volume 1

Volume 2 is just around the corner!!!!


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