The death of an influential man is a hard pill to swallow especially when it seemed like it came out of nowhere. I guess if you are truly wealthy you can keep cancer a secret from the public. Steve Jobs passionately introduced my iPhone to the world and his passion sold it to me. You gotta give Apple credit for superb business strategy. They managed to make most if not all dj’s believe that if you wish to work with Serato that it’s best with a MacBook Pro. I myself am not positive of this but I am sure of my love I possess for my iPhone. I don’t spin myself, I use Ableton Live for mixing and so far Ableton hasn’t adopted the belief of the MacBook Pro superiority but I bet it is superior with one. I’m a sucker, most of us are but hell Apple does business well. What more can I say…

Jobs showed us that really cool ideas can be formed and dreamed of in our own garage while under the influence of narcotics. I’m not accusing Den5hion of using drugs but if I were to achieve producing tracks like him I know I’d definitely need to be using something. This is my drug use can = genius ideas segue to Den5hion’s newest track. I love talking with the kid, (well he’s 18 now but still a kid compared to me) and even more than that I love how he never ceases to astonish me with his work.

Last Monday was probably our best mix yet for DJ Tranzo on the Nu Cumbia Experience show. I don’t wish to post many of the mixes here but I felt once last shameless promotion wouldn’t hurt. And this time we have a complete track list! Finally I grew up to be more professional. Please forgive my procrastinating nature.

Alguacil Dubkilla Hi-fi is not an easy name for me to say almost as it is hard for me to read. However his music is quite acceptable for me to get my head around. This is a very well done mash-up of cumbia and dancehall reggae. Soon I will write another cumbia reggae post and I definitely wish to share more of (here goes) Alguacil Dubkilla Hi-fi’s productions.

I thought it would be fun to compare to another cumbia dancehall reggae mashup of the same song released one month earlier by oPedrinho. His is a different take entirely but I like it a lot too.

My friend Cybernetiko is at it again mixing trance with cumbia or as he coins it cumbia emocional. Well it’s most definitely emotional and impressive. I love his sound and I’m really looking forward to what he brings us in the future. I do know a dia de los muertos track is coming soon. Turn the lights down and get stimulated in whatever way you wish and turn this one up.


My good friend Rafael Aragon is finally having his new EP released. It’s been long awaited and it delivers, at least in my opinion. Proudly and fortunately I received the EP in advance a month in a half or so ago and I honestly thoroughly enjoyed it. Rafael brings us a lot of interesting takes on traditional Latin and Balkan music with his remixes and originals. He did a wonderful job on one of my digital cumbia tracks (in my opinion he greatly improved it). Here is a teaser trailer for his soon to be released EP Curandero from Caballito. The release date is October 21st 2011.

If that wasn’t enough for you (and I’m sure it wasn’t) here is a video trailer where you can see Rafael Aragon in action.

Rafael Aragon – Curandero EP – VIDEO TRAILER from rafiralfiro on Vimeo.

I remixed Belanova this week! That is all I’ll I care to say about this! (I don’t want to talk about myself because I talk to much as it is (and here I am talking about myself anyway)).

Alright I’m finished! RIP Steve Jobs. Peace and love out to all of you cumbieros!

Have a great weekend and forthcoming week.


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