Yo big release coming your way from Vienna-based label BIG ‘N’ HAIRY Recordings, Portuguese duo BOOGALOO returned from a trip to Africa with heads full of tribal bass, rhythm and melody, and this debut 12 track EP was born. Can’t go wrong with remixwork by Big Dope P, So Shifty, Joelito, Cocotaxi, Tipanic, Roulet, Dj Dizzy, Daniel Klauser, which all deliver strongly on-top of the originality and funkiness of BOOGALOO.

What are you waiting for ? Ready to dance your way back to Africa?

Gotta love The gods must be crazy footage in a di remix stylee!

let’s dive into the music of our Portuguese brothers and the fellow global remixers:

Latest tracks by BOOGALOO

Boogaloo – Kalimbo (Daniel Klauser VIP remix) Big N Hairy Recordings by Daniel Klauser

Boogaloo – Get Up (dj dizzy Remix) out on Big N’ Hairy Recordings by dj dizzy

Boogaloo- Wooba (Roulet Remix) by Roulet
Boogaloo – Wooba (Cocotaxi Remix) by COCOTAXI
Boogaloo – Xibaba – Joelito Remix by Joelito

so what do you say, some Boogaloo music or what? Dig the Joelito dancefloor monster of a remix? Here it is as an exclusive GB freebie courtesy of Big N Hairy records: clickyhere (320kpbs)

Here’s the press release by BIG ‘N’ HAIRY Records

We present to you Boogaloo‘s debut EP La Digue coming Ocotber 1st! The 12 track strong EP is beeing supported by Sinden, Malente, Daniel Haaksman, Act Yo Age, Zombies for Money, Slap in the Bass, Elisa Bee,…. Besides the four original tracks La Digue features 8 remixworks by Big Dope P, So Shifty, Joelito, Cocotaxi, Tipanic, Roulet, Dj Dizzy, Daniel Klauser.
We, your sincere BIG ‘N’ HAIRY crüe, hope this release goes directly to your digital crates!!

This is what Boogaloo let you know about themselves:
It all started out for Fun… just like anything worth taking hands on.

Tiago arrives in Lisbon from a trip to Africa and Mario arrives from Milan after a year and a half living in Italy. One night after playing and drinking together at a club in Lisbon an idea pops out. Let´s make something with the sounds Tiago brought from the safari.
In one week, October 2010 together in Lisbon the guys produced the four tracks that gave life to their first Ep as Boogaloo.
Meanwhile Mario runs to Milan again and Tiago stays in Lisbon.

Boogaloo now use the internet for others stuff then social networking and adult x rated sites.
It´s trough skype, dropbox, gmail and low cost flight companies, that Boogaloo work now.

First release was the track “Mkwaju” on Parisian Moveltraxx and the newcomers made it to the top 10 of Juno Download.

Now the Debut Ep is called “La Digue” (name of an African tropical inhabited island).

more hotness from the label:

Latest tracks by BIG-N-HAIRY


adios!! &&



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