I never met Sara Spingler. I know nothing about her. We have 21 mutual friends on Facebook, and might have brushed shoulders without knowing about it. What I do know is that a lot of these mutual friends are some of the best humans I know. And most of them are phenomenal artists.

Space Jesus is my Dubstep nephew, and one of those mutual friends. I’ve only met him a few months ago, and consider him one of my best friends. I know he’s hurting.

He was extremely close with Sara, and jumped to make one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve ever heard in tribute. It’s here. Please comment and spread this around.

He also wrote these words…
“In Loving memory of Sara Spingler.
One of my dearest friends in the world.
And one of the most intimate loves i have known.
Beautiful, Caring, Understanding, Intelligent, Forgiving.
The embodiment of Love.
The purest of Light.
Your unconditional positivity has touched so many.
Sara you changed my Life forever.
You believed in me more than anyone in the world.
You held me in Dark times.
You cared for me through sickness.
You were there for me through so much of my Journey.
You Loved me no matter what.
And your unforgettable smile Shined through it all.
I have and will continue to shed countless tears knowing i will never see that most beautiful smile in the physical form.
But i know you will hear this.
And every time I hear this I will see your smile in all of its Love and Light.
shining through every note of this song.
I dedicate this to you-
Sara Spingler,
I Love You Eternally.
Yours forever, and wherever you are,
Jasha Tull.


  1. Sara sprinkles…as I often called her very fondly was a very compassionate, kind and gentle.
    In a language called TUPI GUARINI, the word Sara means to heal. This little angel managed to give life to several individuals even in her death by donating her organs.
    There could not have been a better name for her.
    Sara, not a day goes by when I don’t think of you.
    RIP my angel

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