DJ Melo, one of the OG Moombahnista’s with his debut EP for Think 2wice records, it’s Star Time.

Great EP, been blasting it for weeks now and there’s enough diversity and range to please people from all ends of the Moombahton spectrum.

My personal fave is Heater and Topless Riddim, the latter you can grab HERE from Mixmag courtesy of Neil Queen-Jones:

An essential for your Moombahton collection!

DJ Melo, ‘Topless Riddim’ by Mixmag

Also added bonus freebie:

Never before released Mexican With Guns remix from DJ Melo as an added bonus HERE

Also here’s the mini-mix again for streaming:

Dj Melo – Star Time EP Promo Mix by azdjmelo

Here’s the wise words from the label:

Get Ready Because “Now…It’s Star Time!!!”

DJ Melo – Star Time EP – THINK010


1.    Star Time
2.    Topless Riddim
3.    Heater ft. Pickster
4.    The Comeback
5.    Lunar Eclipse
6.    Corrosion
7.    Heater (Sazon Booya Remix)
8.    Star Time (Boyfriend Remix)
9.    Topless Riddim (Fellow Remix)

Think 2wice drops a nine track bomb from Arizona producer Dj Melo that showcases the full spectrum of what moombahton can represent.  Moombahton, a new style of midtempo dance music, has taken the world by storm in the past 18 months and shows no signs of slowing down.

The title track, ‘Star Time’, exemplifies why Dj Melo is considered such an innovator in the moombahton scene.  A giant kick drum along with a gliding lead perfectly balances the big room energy of the track without falling victim to any stereotypes associated with the genre.  The EP runs the gamut of styles ranging from outright bangers like ‘The Comeback’ to the gangster swag of ‘Heater’, the moody energy of ‘Corrosion’ and the dancehall flavored bounce of ‘Topless Riddim’.  No matter what originally drew you to moombahton, this EP will have something for you.

On remix duty we have three Think 2wice favorites from around the world; Sazon Booya (NYC), Boyfriend (Lithuania) and Fellow (Amsterdam).  All three have done a stellar job with their versions.

DJ Feedback:

“To me, Melo is a key player in the moombahton game. From his classic edits to his refreshing forward thinking original production, Melo’s music can rule any dance floor.”  – DAVE NADA

“Melo esta matando todo!  Been rocking “Star Time” for months, always murders, Topless Riddim also one of my favorites” – DJ SABO

“Yeah great release, Star Time has been a staple in my sets since Melo sent it originally. Feeling this whole package.” – SMUTLEE

“DJ Melo – IT’S STAR TIME…One of the original Moombah dons, with a sound that can’t be matched…excellent work on this album…” – HEARTBREAK

I love Corrosion, what a lovely track.  Heater is a banger too, can’t wait to play these out.” – DJ AYRES


Can never have enough moomba! great release, full support at clubs!” – SIR NENIS

The Star Time EP will be available October 11th, 2011 on Amazon, Juno Download, Beatport and all other fine digital retailers.



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