I’d like to get to the point of this post in a pretty circuitous manner: feel free to skip straight down to the Soundcloud player…

Last Friday was a bit of a random one for me – starting with a power cut at work which meant I got sent to work from home. I live on a boat, so whether or not I can get online depends on the 3G reception in the spot we’re moored up. Last Friday, going home would have meant no internet, and since in my day job I’m a web developer that wouldn’t have worked out so well.

There was nothing for it but to go to the pub.

Many hours and many beers later I found myself back in Bath and being pulled along in some friends’ slipstream to celebrate (someone)’s birthday at Banglo, where I found myself among a fairly random selection of fellow boat dwellers, sitey crusties and girls in short skirts and too much make up.

About midnight a DJ came on who blew me away with his futuristic dancehall dubstrumentals and had me dancing non stop like a goon, causing much mirth amongst the short-skirted brigade. The DJ in question was Will from Onega Soundsystem and fortunately his stuff is still amazing even when you haven’t been drinking for twelve hours.

So, long story short: Check Onega’s stuff out. It’s wicked. Mutant dancehall riddims which are perfect to chill to, complex enough to really listen to but which still bang in the club.

He’s just freed up the downloads on this one especially for GB readers:

The Course Line by Onega

This, on more of a spacious dub thang, comes out this friday on Tempest Recordings (check out the whole release here: Modified – catalyst EP)

Catalyst (Onega Sound System Remix) Edit by modified

& here’s some older ones to stream & buy…

Logical Step by Onega

We Hear You – Onega soundsystem by Onega


  1. yo we need to have you out drunk and about more often if this is the sort of stuff you find!!! The Course Line track is some hot diggity, mixes extremly well with the track mata blogged about few days ago:  http://generationbass.com/2011/10/12/nucleya-asian-madness/     wiiicked!

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