The album is coming soon and also the great video.

Listen to some music whilst you peruse.

Lord Cry Cry – Live at the C.P.U. Album [LONG VERSION]Promo coming soon on Generation Bass by djumb

Here’s some stills from the vid shoot.

We had an idea to shoot Lord Cry Cry dancing like a lunatic, an idea that I was gonna nick offa my Uncle Tom Waits BUT then Thom Yorke came along with Lotus Flower and completely ruined that idea for us as everybody would have thought we were trying to rip him off.  We had the idea BEFORE we saw or knew anything about the Lotus Flower vid!!

The fact is, he must have been privvy to our convo’s, and so he ripped us off discussing ripping off my Uncle Tom.  So we had a change of plan, which we will reveal in due course.


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