The “Phillip D Kick” experiment
By Om Unit

The Phillip D Kick experiment was originally conceived as an anonymous alias project of mine. However being useless at keeping secrets I let the cat out of the bag to close friends and musical compadrés shortly after starting it. As it would only be a matter of time before rumours become eye-rolling fact I have decided to end the project 8 months after starting it with volume 3 thus ending my work under this alias on what is, at least to me, a high note.

Phillip D Kick is an idea I had at the beginning of 2011 during a discussion about how fun it had been to mix Juke and Jungle tracks together at shows. The idea, very simply put, was that both genres were basically the same thing – frenetic syncopation at 160bpm or thereabouts.

Taking this idea a little further, I came up with a simple concept: take classic Jungle tracks and make edits of them with a footwork aesthetic. But rather than do this under my own name I would release them anonymously as a social experiment. The ‘story’ would be that Phillip D Kick was in fact an old jungle producer mate of mine who had fallen in love with footwork beats and had sent me the edits to put out.

For those unaware, the name Phillip D Kick is a flip on Phillip K Dick, a highly influential science fiction author whose work has been the basis of many classic sci fi movies such as Blade Runner (based on his “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep” short story).

Something worth noting at this point is the principle of a “Shared Social Consciousness”, or put more simply: no idea is original. The theory goes that if you’re having an idea someone else is either having the same idea at the same time or has already completed that process.

Ergo the same day that I started working on the first volume of PDK edits back in February I saw Machinedrum mention on Twitter that he was making Jungle edits. In my excitement I contacted him asking if he was making footwork edits of Jungle tracks. His response: “yep!” – Machinedrum’s edits can be found on his Ecstasy Boom EP which was given away for free to people who bought his recent ‘Rooms’ LP on Planet Mu.

This really highlights to me the concept of a shared social consciousness, especially as this particular idea of blending footwork and Jungle together is likely quite obvious to any DJ who enjoys both genres. As far as I know however Machinedrum and I were the first to actually bring this idea into the real world.

Rough drafts of the first edits were sent out to great response and support came almost immediately from footwork and Jungle enthusiasts such as Mark Pritchard, Kode 9 and Machinedrum himself. In the weeks before and after Footwork Jungle vol.1 was released in March the edits had been played to audiences in Europe, America and Japan.

Footwork Jungle Vol.1 by Phillip D Kick

Footwork Jungle Vol.2 by Phillip D Kick

Footwork Jungle Vol.3 by Phillip D Kick

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