I hope everyone had a great Columbus Day last Monday. I know mine was amazing! Did the usual sitting around annoyed because the bank is closed and the mail isn’t coming, dreading my court appearance the next day to pay for my traffic ticket, then ending it with a trip to the casino to pay back the natives large sums of money for taking their land and giving them reservations to live on. All in all it was a good day even though I’ll never truly understand the significance of a confused crew that “found” America when they actually thought (and died believing) that they landed in the West Indies. Maybe I just don’t get it (if so then I don’t want to get it).

I guess I shouldn’t be writing about Columbus because my knowledge of Columbus comes largely from the “winners” history books and silly stories I was told in grade school. Monday off of school was the big relevance of it in my life growing up and now it’s just a nuisance government holiday, the same government employees we pay for with our taxes. They deserve a day off while we work to scrounge up more tax dollars we end up paying to them.

I will relax with my political rants at this point; this is a cumbia blog after all. And with the use of that last sentence I get my segue I’ve been desperately searching for (the whole reason for the sentence).

I start with ZZK Records down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They’re celebrating their fifth year as a musical collective on October the 29th. And to compliment the celebration comes the new album Manshines by Fauna. But before I share Fauna’s new album I’d like to respectfully share more about ZZK Records. ZZK is one of the leading record labels that feature a lot of new cumbia among other genres mixed in. I’ve shared several of their artists here in the past and they follow this blog as well. I respect what they’re doing and how hard they work. Their achievements are already impressive but I see even more happening in the near future. I’m gonna share a few videos of some of their signed cumbia acts.


King Coya – ZZK Records from ZZK Records on Vimeo.


Chancha Via Circuito – ZZK Records from ZZK Records on Vimeo.

EL G – (Co-Founder)

El G – ZZK Records from ZZK Records on Vimeo.


Villa Diamante – ZZK Records from ZZK Records on Vimeo.


Tremor – ZZK Records from ZZK Records on Vimeo.


Frikstailers Live @ Codigo Urbano from ZZK Records on Vimeo.


FAUNA @ TRANSMUSICALES DE RENNES 2009 from ZZK Records on Vimeo.

And the recently signed SUPER GAUCHIN

Super Guachin – ZZK Records from ZZK Records on Vimeo.

These are just some video tastes of the artists involved with ZZK. But for a good recent mix Villa Diamante released this.


To check out more of ZZK’s artists go here to their SoundCloud.


Fauna comes out with their new album mixing sounds of cumbia, kudoro and all sorts of latin bass influences. Including elements of dubstep. I’ve listened to it entirely and it’s pretty dope (otherwise I swear I wouldn’t post it here). It’s pretty intense and their new video shows a little of what I mean.

Fauna – Para Mi (videoclip) from ZZK Records on Vimeo.

You could bump any one of these tracks live. They all flow well on this very seriously well produced album. Being ZZK’s first signed they keep showing us that decision was wise. And with this new release it’s un-arguable that they are HUGE and going to grow even more. Touring the world with their unique sound and stage presence will only benefit ZZK.

I bring you Fauna – MANSHINES


Head over to ZZK’s official website to learn more.



There’s no way I would ever post a blog entirely about one subject. Not with all the great tracks I receive and stumble upon during the week. There’s not enough space on this blog to post all of it but I do my best to grab the one’s that speak to me the loudest.

That being said I most definitely will post the new one from Los Reyes De Milanga. It’s smooth and deep just like I like them to be. I love the filtered accordion a lot among all the other elements.


I’m not sure what took me so long to hear this next one by Skip & Die but I’m grateful I finally did. The bass is incredible, it wobbles but flows and keeps a coherent bass line. Sick tune!


I’m posting another mixtape which is something I swear I wouldn’t do but I felt strongly I had to with this one. It was just released by La Furia Con Lujuria. A project made up of Sondio Rural, Le Cumbianche Disco, Mexico 72 and VJ Ojo De Pez. Reperesenting Oaxaca and strong supporters of this blog it’s my pleasure to share this here. It’s a dope mix showcasing their unique skills. I’m well aware of these skills but it’s great to hear them in such a manner. Check out their other mixes too.


I have another video to share and it’s awesome! Featuring our very own El Barba Dub (the dubbiest) in this well put together video (which could also be used as a MacBook Pro promo video).

Reel 2011 from Mucho Monton on Vimeo.


The remix section goes to my friend Andres Digital. The new EP Andres Digital inna Reggae Cumbia Style is awesome and this is the last track on it. It’s deep mixing cumbia, reggae and dub. It flows perfectly from start to finish and my favorite part is 2:24 in where it goes into a distinctive cumbia dub. Nice work Andres Digital, it would be a crime not to share it here on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia.


With two weeks left before Halloween I’m collecting tracks for a Halloween blog post here on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. So far I have five great Halloween cumbia influenced tracks but I still want more. I want as many as I can get. So please if you wish to produce one of your own send it over to me via my email [email protected] or you can message me on SoundCloud here http://soundcloud.com/john-newell.

Please do I really am looking forward to an awesome Halloween blog post for Saturday the 29th of October!

Peace cumbieros!


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