My very good friends from Djumasoundsystem have resently become an unwanted center of attention in Denmarks first legal trial about the use of samples. Their track Les Djinns use a 10 sec. sample from an old track called “Turkish Showbiz” for which use they are now being sued for more than 100.000 Euro.

It is the sample at 2 min.

They are now looking for a piece of music that sounds similar to the guitar theme in “Les Djinns” and Thurkish Showbiz. It has to be made prior to “Turkish showbiz”, but uses the same notes! Could be any genre, any emotion. they need it for the legal trial to proove that all music is basicly a copy of something which have already been made.

Please spread this, search, or give us tips on where to search, or who to contact who could know!

Thanks ti Mikeel Palner for the info .

Listen one of their mixes .

Djumas eggplant in my pocket mix by Djuma Soundsystem


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