It’s an exciting time in the world right now I swear it. The inevitable protesting conducted by citizens in each of their respected societies has finally taken the world by storm. I was stuck in a political state of mind as I saw Greece go up in flames and the European Union under serious changes. But I thought about it more, in Greece for example you have socialists rebelling against socialists so that made me realize that it’s best to take politics out of the equation (for the most part). We are in economic turmoil. The US began our downward spiral in 2007 and hasn’t bounced back yet despite all the promises and reassurances. I believe and I stand by this that everything will bounce back but with a new era of entrepreneurship involving focusing more on an information age of business. We will all be okay. Right now however societies of high unemployment are having riots and protests. (This is almost the entire world now.) This is good. It’s the first big step to changing the way things operate. I can get down and dirty into why exactly it is citizens are protesting on Wall Street, I can do the same for the Tea Party’s manifesto (before it became a political platform that annoying insane politicians use to stand on). Both have the same objective but with different ideas. And that’s fine but I’m not going to go into it. I can go into talking about how it comes down to a simple fact that I don’t really know what’s best for everybody. Or rather what’s the best way for everyone to live their lives. I stand by having faith in people as individuals. I believe as individuals we know what’s best for us and shouldn’t be told (or forced) otherwise. Sure we need taxes and some federal regulations to keep the rights of the people in place but I’m also an advocate for private businesses and I have my reasons. All in all I mean to say I just simply have faith in people to make the right decisions. I believe if a wealthy man parked his nice car running, walked into a coffee shop and threw a not-so-wealthy person the keys and asked if they would keep an eye on it for them while they ran to the restroom, they would do just that and everything would be fine. Just as much as I believe it was reversed and the not-so-wealthy individual did the same. Maybe I’m a fool but I have faith that most people are good people and we can trust each other. (Sure right now memories of Wal Mart shoppers at 3am are entering my mind to dispute my belief that I can trust people to know how to take care of themselves. They’re scary, yes and I’m among them too, but you know what I mean).

I have faith in people not religion mind you that’s a whole other problem. I also am not writing all this because I’m interested in being a political leader of any political organization. Trust me I have no interest and no chance anyway with my FaceBook status update history alone.

My answer to all this which appears to be the end of the world as we know it is nu-cumbianomics. Yes I coined a term and yes I sound insane but allow me to explain. What we need and what will happen are new entrepreneurs bearing new business tactics with respect to the old. There is a metaphor with nu-cumbianomics but also a very honest realistic truth. The metaphor is simply that we here are creating awesome brilliant new styles of cumbia with respect to what it is that makes them cumbia. With the likes of H.D.L.T.  Rafael Aragon, Pikaa Moscetta among many others we have new ideas that are growing. The reality of nu-cumbianomics is the principle that with these new sounds and ideas we are creating business and opportunity. This is the idea that will change the world. New ideas will be the savior of the modern world’s economic problems. I’m proud of you pioneers which I feature on here. ZZK Records came from a club and now is a brand we can all trust and admire. When they release something new we jump on it. This is the way of nu-cumbianomics, creating new ideas with the respect to the old and pushing forward creating events, record labels, blogs, compilations, tours etc. You should all be proud because through your actions here in the nu cumbia world you are partaking and creating positive examples in the new world of economics.

We can’t let our hearts fall or our drive weaken. We at GenerationBass will continue pushing new ideas and promoting them as well. Nu-cumbianomics is just a mirror of what it is that will be our future in world economics.

You most definitely don’t have to agree with my views I of course want you to believe what you choose on your own but I do hope you agree with the music selected for this week.

I proudly bring to you the some of the best nu-cumbianomic pioneers starting with this deep dope dub (say five times really fast) from Chile by Trukis. It’s minimal which I like and gives me all I desire from a true dub sound.

Wow! Capitol K brought this psychedelic band to my attention this week. Can I possibly be more envious of Capitol K? I break the tenth commandment openly as I post their remix of the band Vadoinmessico’s song TEEO. Vadoinmessico is made up of 5 members from different parts of the world and now living in London. Italy, Mexico, Austria, and England are the original homes of the members of this psychedelic genius band.

For more info and contact “like” them on FaceBook here

Los Reyes de la Milanga tapped into a style I’m not normally into and well made me get into it. MARIO simply is the title and honestly needs no more than that. It’s an awesome Mario Bros cumbiahton or cumbia-step (whichever you prefer).

Ben Ulis (Self Evident) of the WEPA crew in Vancouver shared this recently with me. It’s the Self Evident sound brought into a South Park world. It’s hilarious, awesome and over-all brilliant. This is the kind of creativity we’ve come to expect from WEPA and Self Evident delivers it to us via this new video.

Also from the video side of things we finally get to see the finished video from Caterina Purdy! I’ve seen the production stills and have been eagerly waiting for this release. We all know CHOLITA SOUND and all the many remixes. We even featured this track on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia in the past but here it is CHOQUECHINCHAY EL JAGUAR in video form.

Do you want some serious sub-bass? Then look no further because DJ Rooy (that’s right two o’s) dropped this one a few days back and it delivers. It’s awesome for mixing live, it’s minimal, and its pure dub-step influenced cumbia.

SpikeDevilDisco co-founder of Fiestas Pirata stays busy. Whether it’s his blogging, event planning or producing he always seems to deliver. Check out his new one. I love the intro. It’s a deep cumbia.

I have more brilliance from Chile for you. This one comes from arielaqueveque . I am thoroughly impressed by his style. He keeps a very traditional cumbia feel but adds wonderful electronic elements. This is actually one of the best I’ve heard in a while like this. I’m a sucker for a good melody and counter melodies. When someone accomplishes this I’m rarely unsatisfied.  I’m quite satisfied with this one.

Moses Iten from The Cumbia Cosmonauts produced this really intense mix and shared it with us this week. In tact with a full track list this mix is extremely smooth and unique. Moses mixes a bit of cumbia, moombahton, kuduro, dancehall and more in this tropical bass club mix.


Featured remixes this week go to OraleStyle and Yelram Selectah. First OraleStyle producing in New York shared his awesome new work. Jump Around has been remixed and played too many times in my opinion but that’s my opinion and my opinion was proven wrong to me when I heard OraleStyle’s new refix. Refixing Jump Around vs Goy Karamelo by Un Mono Azul and DJ Karin in a cumbiahton style proved to be a good idea.

This one by Yelram Selectah is tribal guarachero which is a style very well explored by him. He always comes up with awesome remixes giving them new life. And he does so with Knife Party featuring Skrillex’s ZOOLOGY.

I’m excited to see France’s very own M83 live in my part of the world early next month. (Give it to me city for giving them a Monday night gig at a venue I haven’t even heard of (we’re a commercial sort of city)). I love their song Midnight City and wanted to a hard hitting cumbia/moombah edit. So I did!

Remember next Saturday is the Sexxy Saturday Cumbia Halloween issue and I’m really excited for it. I have received a few songs that are great but I still NEED more! Please send them my way I know a few of you are still working and that’s great. I can’t wait. Halloween themed cumbia, it can be playful or dark and horrifying. It’s up to you! So please send them my way via email at [email protected] or my FaceBook group Nu Cumbia Experience here

I look forward to listening to what you’ve got.

Best regards cumbieros!

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